Who Is Most Like The Easter Bunny Game For Easter Celebrations

Are you looking for a festive activity to add egg-citement to your Easter celebrations? In this fun Who Is Most Like The Easter Bunny Game, guests will explore their inner Easter Bunny and discover who has the most bunny-like characteristics. As you read through a list of Easter Bunny characteristics, you’ll hand each guest who identifies with the trait a plastic Easter egg with a treat inside. The person with the most eggs at the end wins a prize and earns the title of being most like the Easter Bunny!

This game is a egg-ceptional way to engage guests of all ages and add some extra fun to your Easter gathering. We played this game at an Easter party with guests as young as two and as old as 55 and they all enjoyed having eggs tossed their way as they held up their buckets to say, ‘yep, that’s me, throw an egg in my basket!’

If you’re looking for a game that doesn’t require group participation, check out these Who Is Most Like The Easter Bunny Game Sheets where guests, co-workers, or classmates can fill out a game sheet and total their scores!

Who is most like the Easter Bunny game printables.

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Game Directions

  1. Download the Who Is Most Like The Easter Bunny Game.
  2. Print the game
  3. Purchase plastic eggs and candy or treats to fill them with. You will need a LOT of eggs (depending on how many guests you’ll have). I recommend having on hand 18 eggs for each guest in attendance. You may want to also provide Easter buckets for guests to collect their eggs!
  4. Award the winner a prize! (Ideas below)

Game Rules

The rules are simple and participants will enjoy how it sets the stage for a fun and friendly competition. May the most bunny-like individual win!

  1. Have one person read the list of bunny traits.
  2. Each person with the Easter Bunny trait gets an egg.
  3. The person with the most eggs, at the end, is the MOST like the Easter Bunny!

Easter Bunny Traits

The following are the Easter Bunny traits. Don’t want to buy the game? No worries! You can read the traits right from this page. Just be sure to have plastic eggs ready for your guests to collect!

  1. Are you wearing pink?
  2. Is your favorite season Spring?
  3. Do you like to hop?
  4. Are you adventurous?
  5. Is your Birthday in March or April?
  6. Have you searched for Easter eggs this week?
  7. Have you ever taken a picture with the Easter Bunny?
  8. Do you like marshmallow Peeps?
  9. Do you like to eat carrots?
  10. Have you eaten chocolate today?
  11. Are you wearing polka dots?
  12. Do you have a B, U, N, or Y in your first name?
  13. Did you have eggs for breakfast today?
  14. Are you wearing bunny ears?
  15. Can you wiggle your nose?
  16. Do you have brown or hazel eyes?
  17. Are you wearing a bow?
  18. Have you done an Easter craft this week?
  19. Are you a vegetarian?
  20. Have you sent a text with the word Easter in it this week?
  21. Is Easter your favorite holiday?
  22. Did you ‘hop’ the furthest to get here?
  23. Have you delivered an Easter treat to someone this week?
  24. Are you friendly and playful?
  25. Have you been known to be gentle and caring?
  26. Do you get excited for brighter days filled with new life and growth?
  27. Do you like to spread happiness without expecting anything in return?
  28. Do you consider yourself to be enthusiastic?
  29. Do you like to spread joy?
  30. Have you been known to be generous?
  31. Are you a bit mysterious?
  32. Do you care deeply about bringing happiness to others?

Get Your Who Is Most Like The Easter Bunny Game Here

Game Prize Ideas

The person with the most Easter Bunny traits deserves a prize that ensures they feel truly appreciated for their bunny-like qualities! Here are some egg-cellent prize ideas for the Who Is Most Like The Easter Bunny Game:

  1. Gardening Set: Encourage the winner to embrace the spring season with a gardening set including seeds, gardening gloves, and tools for planting flowers or vegetables.
  2. Easter-Themed Gift Basket: Fill a basket with chocolate, candy, small toys, and perhaps a plush bunny to keep the Easter spirit alive. You could even make your own Paper Easter Basket!
  3. Bunny Ears Headband: A fun and festive accessory that the winner can wear proudly during the rest of the celebrations.
  4. Gift Card: A gift card to a popular store or restaurant, that will allow the winner to treat themself to something special after the festivities. Because there are so many gift card scams, we chose to give a $10 gift card to Costco along with a few Easter treats! There’s something for every age at Costco!

Hop into the fun and find out who is most like the Easter Bunny!


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