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Easter Trivia Game Printables

Ready for a little Easter fun? The Easter Trivia Game will test your guests’ knowledge on all things Easter, and have them sitting on the edge of their seats, in anticipation of blurting out the right answer!

Whether you’re hosting a large Easter gathering or celebrating with your family, the Easter Trivia Cards will help you celebrate with challenging questions to broaden your knowledge and give you a chance to share a few treats and prizes!

The Easter Trivia Game Includes The Following

  • Easter Trivia Game Rules
  • 6 pages of Trivia Cards (8 per page) for a total of 48 Easter Trivia Cards – Use them all or just the ones you want!

Trivia Questions Used In The Easter Trivia Game

Some of the Easter questions are hard and some are super easy! Use them all or choose just the ones that make sense for your Easter!

  • The first Easter baskets were designed to give the appearance of what? Answer: A Bird’s Nest
  • What flower is associated with Easter? Hint: It is said to grow with its head down, to honor Jesus. Answer: Lily
  • Which color Peeps are sold more than any other color? Answer: Yellow
  • In New York, back in the mid-1800’s, people believed buying new clothes on Easter would bring them what for the rest of the year? Answer: Good Luck
  • What is the most popular, non-chocolate, Easter candy? Answer: Peeps
  • Americans consume over 16 million jelly beans on Easter, enough to circle the globe more than how many times? Answer: 3
  • What symbolizes new life, fertility, and rebirth? Answer: The Egg
  • Easter is the 2nd largest candy eating holiday in the U.S. Which is the 1st? Answer: Halloween
  • What is the most popular color of jelly bean? Answer: Red
  • How does an Easter bunny Stay fit? Answer: By Eggcercising
  • 76% of Americans eat what part of chocolate bunnies, first? Answer: Ears
  • The most popular Easter parade is held in which city, each year? Answer: New York
  • The act of painting eggs is known as ______. Answer: Pysanka
  • The first Easter eggs were dyed what color? Answer: Red
  • The world’s largest Easter egg weighed 15,873 pounds and 4.48 ounces. Where was it made? Answer: Tosca, Italy
  • In Switzerland, what animal delivers Easter eggs to kids? Answer: The Cuckoo
  • What animal delivers Easter eggs, in the U.S.? Answer: Bunny
  • The tradition of the Easter bunny originated in what country? Answer: Germany
  • What is the traditional Easter mascot in Australia? Answer: Bilby
  • How many days passed between Jesus’ death and resurrection? Answer: 3
  • What is the Sunday before Easter called? Answer: Palm Sunday
  • When Easter eggs were first dyed, it was to represent what? Answer: The Blood Of Jesus Christ
  • The tradition of dying Easter eggs began in which country? Answer: Ukraine
  • Americans eat 600 million of what candy, during the Easter season? Answer: Peeps
  • Each year, Easter falls on the first Sunday after what? Answer: The first full moon following March 21st.
  • What food is considered an Easter food because its design is said to look like praying arms and hands? Answer: Pretzels
  • Besides bunnies, what animal is considered an Easter symbol? Answer: Lamb
  • Who was the first person to enter Jesus’ tomb? Answer: Peter
  • What did Jesus and his apostles eat at the Last Supper? Answer: Bread and Wine
  • Why is Easter on a different date, each year? Answer: It is set according to the phases of the moon.
  • What holiday always occurs between March 22nd and April 25th? Answer: Easter
  • In the 13th century, the church prohibited eating what, during Holy Week? Answer: Eggs
  • Households spend, on average, $131 on what holiday, each year? Answer: Easter
  • The Romans, in an effort to mock Jesus, gave him a “crown” of what? Answer: Thorns
  • The idea of the Easter bunny originated in Germany but was not a rabbit. Instead it was a __________. Answer: Hare
  • Which country has the tradition of eating hot cross buns at Easter? Answer: Great Britain
  • Where is the largest Easter Egg Museum, with more than 1500 eggs, located? Answer: Poland
  • What was the name of the hill where they crucified Jesus? Answer: Golgotha
  • What animal did Jesus ride on, when he entered Jerusalem, the week before his death? Answer: Donkey
  • What disciple is missing when Jesus goes to see them after His resurrection? Answer: Thomas
  • Ninety million of what treat are sold, in the U.S., each Easter? Answer: Chocolate Bunnies
  • This White House Easter tradition started in 1878. What is it? Answer: Easter Egg Roll
  • In 1933, composer Irving Berlin introduced what piece of clothing with his ballad “Easter Parade”? Answer: Easter Bonnet
  • The world’s largest Easter egg hunt included 501,000 eggs and took place at the Cypress Gardens in what state? Answer: Florida
  • Who saw Jesus first, after His resurrection? Answer: Mary Magdalene
  • Each Easter, Americans spend $1.9 billion on what? Answer: Easter Candy
  • American President Rutherford B. Hayes started what Easter tradition? Answer: Easter Egg Roll
  • What percentage of Americans visit church on Easter Sunday? Answer: 50%

How To Play

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  1. Print the Trivia Game on card stock.
  2. Cut the Easter Trivia Cards. (I like to use a corner rounder punch on my cards.)
  3. Choose one person to read the Easter Trivia Questions.
  4. The first person who answers the question, correctly, gets the Easter Trivia Card. Many of the trivia questions will be easy to answer but some may be more difficult, making your guests fumble for their phones to find the answer, first!
  5. The person with the most Easter Trivia Cards, at the end, wins!

Alternatively, toss a candy filled Easter Egg to each person who answers the question, correctly. The person with the most eggs, at the end, wins!

Game Prize Ideas

It would be fun to have a prize or two on hand for the Easter Trivia winner and maybe even the second place winner. A prize that fits the game well, like a small Easter Basket, a Beach Ball to encourage outdoor activity, or even Peeps.

Easter Trivia Game Printables

Get Your Easter Trivia Game Here

Easter Trivia Game Cards

It’s always a good idea to have a few games on hand for when there’s a lull in conversation or you just want to amp up the energy, in the room.

Make your Easter worth remembering!

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