Organize your pets’ records in one Pet Binder and never have to search for their paperwork again! Our Big Book Of Everything For Pets is here to help! The Big Book Of Everything For Pets – Pet Binder Our dog is a Shicon (Shihtzu-Bichon) who has hair instead of fur. That means he gets to go [...]

Have you sold your home and need a FUN way to share important details with the new homeowner? The House 411 is here to help! HOUSE 411 When we sold our house, I put together a quick printable to share important information with the new homeowners. Then, when we moved into our new home, I was thankful [...]

It’s time! Your college student is settled into dorm life and working hard on papers, speeches, and keeping up with laundry. You have settled into an empty or emptier nest and are ready to send a Fall Box to let your awesome kid know how much you love them! Fall Box For College Students We [...]

What if you let yourself DREAM? Use the 2019 Dream Sheet to let your mind go wild! 2019 Dream Sheet Do you ever feel like you take two steps forward and three steps back? You feel like nothing is ever accomplished and you’re just barely able to keep your head above water. You know what? [...]

You dropped your 18-year-old off at college and it was hard. The drive away from campus was just plain weird. It was emotional, heart wrenching, exciting, or all of the emotions at once. One thing is for sure. You want to let your college student know they are in your thoughts with a College Care [...]

Yep! I said it. We parents are inundated with ways to make the college transition easier on our kids and we work hard to do just that. Then the day comes when we drive away from campus. That day is hard. We’ve spent 18 years doing all we can for our kid. We’ve bought things [...]

Three months into my son’s 16th year of life, he has decided he’s ready to drive! We enrolled him in driving school and my husband has taken him on a few drives. My husband takes him because I’m just too scared. However, I know the time will come where I will have to take that [...]

There’s a huge art niche above our stairwell that has sat empty for the last year. It looked so blah and boring but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. We aren’t into fine art or the stuff you would normally adorn an art niche with so we got creative! We started with An [...]

Amazon Prime Day starts at 12pm PT/3pm ET Monday, July 16 and runs through Tuesday, July 17! This is an AWESOME sale for Prime Members (you have to be a Prime Member to get the deals) and I’m super excited to discover Prime Day Deals! This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an [...]

This article provides ideas on a gift to leave for the new homeowner. Not just any new homeowner but gift ideas for the people who purchased YOUR home! You did it! You worked hard to Sell Your House and it sold! You’re ready to move on but want to leave your house in tip top [...]

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