So … your kid is off at college and you want to make Valentine’s Day special for them? Let us help with Valentine Care Package For College Students Printables! Woot! Valentine Care Package For College Students Over the years, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated many different ways in our house. From See’s candy delivered to school [...]

Looking for a FUN and inexpensive Valentine idea? Our Just Poppin’ By Popcorn Valentine might be your answer! Just Poppin’ By Popcorn Valentine This Popcorn Valentine is super easy to put together! Use it on its own to pass out as class Valentines or add it to a gift basket for your special someone! This post [...]

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day better than a Tic Tac Toe Valentine! It’s full of X’s and O’s and the color of Valentine’s Day! Make THIS Valentine’s Day extra FUN with Valentine Printables! Tic Tac Toe Valentine Tic Tac Toe is a game for any age! That means this Valentine will work for anyone. But be careful! [...]

This King Size Farmhouse Bed turned out better than I could’ve imagined! It did take a lot of patience, time, and even left a few bruises but, a few months out, I think I would do it all over again! A few years ago, we sold our house and temporarily moved into an apartment. In [...]

Are you ready to make exercise a habit in your life? Our fun and colorful Printable Exercise Tracker is here to help motivate you! Printable Exercise Tracker For 30 years exercise had been a regular occurrence in my life. I had a routine and, if I didn’t exercise, I didn’t feel right. It was just [...]

We’ve played Name That Song at many parties with teenagers and it seems to be a hit! With a Christmas Party coming up, we decided it was time to Christmasfy the game and dubbed it, Name That Christmas Song! Name That Christmas Song Game Get ready to dance, sing, and laugh a LOT! Name That [...]

Are you hosting Christmas this year and want to bring a bit of excitement to the crowd? The Christmas Trivia Game fits the bill! Even Mr. Grumpy Pants will want to get involved with this one so he can share his vast knowledge! Christmas Trivia Game When I asked my husband if we should gather supplies for [...]

The Celebrity Name Game is fun to play at Teen Parties! It’s also come to our rescue a few times when teens, who haven’t seen each other in a while, need an ice-breaker. Celebrity Name Game The Celebrity Name Game is a great way to get your teenagers to laugh, act silly, and have fun! [...]

Do you have an amazing memory and KNOW who each and every gift is for by the sheer weight and size? Are you THAT super organized person that has a different gift wrap for each family member and a cheat code to go along with it? These free printable Christmas Gift Tags are not for you! You delightful person, [...]

Are you ready to party? How about a party that consists of your friends wearing their prized Christmas Sweaters … otherwise known as an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party! We’ve got Printable Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Invitations just for you! Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Invitation What better way to bring family and friends together for Christmas [...]

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