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Creative Ways To Give Money For Christmas

Money. It’s the gift that everyone wants but no one wants to give. Why? Because it’s boring. Here are Creative Ways To Give Money For Christmas that aren’t boring!

Christmas Snowball

Christmas Snowball

One year, I made the Snowball Surprise for my kids and my nieces and nephews. I wrapped up a bunch of silly little toys, candy, a mustache, and they each got a gift card in the center.

It was a riot! There were white streamers everywhere and we captured fun pictures with them all wearing their mustaches!

That’s a great cousin portrait, don’t you think?

Fast forward a few years and my nephew wanted money for Christmas. It was way too boring to just hand him cash so, instead, I made him a Money Snowball!

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Creative Ways To Give Money For Christmas

Christmas Dough

My daughter is studying abroad for her sophomore year of college but she’ll be home for Christmas! I asked her what was on her wish list and she has just two things for me; money and a battery pack for her phone.

Each week, they have a three day weekend to explore and she would like money to continue with her travels.

A while back, I had pinned this Pinterest pin: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/204210164331377529/

I thought it was such a clever idea!

So … being the printables fanatic I am, I created a cute little Gingerbread Man holding a sign that says ‘Christmas Dough’.

Then, I went to the bank and withdrew my daughter’s budgeted Christmas cash in different denominations.

Next, I rolled each bill, using a pencil, and tied a cute little bow with red and white twine.

I filled a jar with the rolled up bills and tied the Gingerbread Man onto the jar.

The cool thing is … you can make this creative money gift to fit your budget!

That’s better than a card with cash, don’t you think?

This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an affiliate link, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Disclosure.

Stewed Tomatoes can as a gift card holder.

Stewed Tomatoes Can

Throw off your gift recipient by gifting them a can of Stewed Tomatoes. You could even include it along with other ingredients for a recipe to really make it interesting!

Can Of Spam

Along the same lines as stewed tomatoes, a can of Spam is another option.

Wooden Cash Holder

Use this cash holder to roll up different denominations, wrap it, and gift it!

Money Maze Puzzle Gift Box

Make the gift of money a little bit of a challenge! With this money maze, recipients will have to solve the puzzle before they can open the box to see what’s inside!

Hair Brush

Know someone who could use a brush? These sweet brush comes with its’ own secret compartment where you can stash some cash!



I needed a way to fill my kid’s Christmas stockings without spending money on things they didn’t actually want or need.

Money, alone, won’t fill a stocking.

I purchased Play-Doh, removed the Play-Doh, cleaned up the containers, and placed money inside!

They now will each have a little Doh to Play with!

Money Crayons

How about adding a few bills to a box of Crayons?

This is a box of 8 Crayons … I could only fit 7 Crayons back in the box, after I rolled the bills around them.

This is a great way to give money any time of year. Add a coloring book and you’re set!

Candy Box

I happened to have square boxes that worked perfect for this.

Then, I purchased little candy cups and folded Euros to put inside each one.

In order to keep the Euros folded nicely, I used a paper clip on each one.

You could also buy an inexpensive box of chocolates … I’m talking like from Dollar Tree. Throw away the chocolate and use the box and candy cups for money!

Christmas Cash Envelope

Christmas Joy Envelope

Alright, alright … if you must use an envelope to give cash this Christmas … make it a cute one!

I designed this Christmas Cash Envelope to save cash for Christmas in. You know, for the cash envelope system!

Then, I realized it’s so cute … you could totally use it to gift money for Christmas!

Christmas Cash Envelopes

Christmas Cash Envelopes

THEN … I got a little crazy with buffalo plaid and made MORE Christmas Cash Envelopes!

Yarn Snowball with a gift card wrapped inside.

Yarn Snowball – A Creative Way To Give Gift Cards

Although I used the Yarn Snowball to wrap gift cards, it could also easily be used to wrap cash!

Money. It’s the universal gift that everyone can use. You just gotta gift it in a creative way!

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