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Happy Birthday Card Free Printable

You have a Birthday Party to attend and walk into the card store to hunt for the perfect Birthday card. You turn the card over to discover those tiny little numbers proclaiming your chosen card is $4.95. Say What?

Homemade cards are the bee’s knees but, if you don’t have time to create homemade, we have a simple Happy Birthday Card Free Printable just for you!

Happy Birthday Card that you can print at home!

Get Your Printable Birthday Card Here

Happy Birthday Card printable.

How To Use The Happy Birthday Card Free Printable

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  1. Print the Happy Birthday Card Printable on card stock.
  2. Fold the card in half and flatten the crease with a bone folder or the dull edge of a butter knife.
  3. Cut the card on the lines.
  4. Write something lovely inside!
  5. Place in a #10 business envelope.

Yep! This card was designed to fit in a #10 business envelope for your convenience and delight! You probably even have a few hanging around the house!

Free Happy Birthday Notecard

How To Use The Happy Birthday Notecard PDF

  1. Print the notecards on card stock – found above.
  2. Cut the page in half.
  3. Fold notecards in half and crease with a bone folder or the back of a butter knife.
  4. Write something inside and put it in an envelope (fits in a standard size A2 envelope) to send or deliver!

I have to admit, we usually go cardless. It’s been a money-saving strategy for years, however, when you send money through the mail, you need a Birthday Card!

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