Practical Way To Give Money Gift Idea

Since money is the most desired Christmas gift, I try to come up with new and creative ways to gift money each year. This year, I decided to take a practical approach by filling a bag with groceries, along with a money safe that looks like it’s food. Then, I put a bit of money inside the safe and added a poem to the bag that tied it all together. I kinda feel like this is a swell idea that will get used by the recipients and I hope they have fun searching through the food items to find the food that’s a fraud!

Bag of groceries with a tag on it that says something inside is not what it seems.

Why choose a practical approach to gift giving?

In a world full of fleeting trends and disposable novelties, opting for a practical way to give money simplifies the act of selecting a gift and allows the recipient to use the money as they see fit. Instead of selecting tangible items they may or may not want, this approach values substance over extravagance and ensures that your gift will be used.

Why would you gift food?

We all eat and food is expensive. But, let’s be real, I was inspired to gift food because I wanted to gift money in safes that look like food items. Then, I thought it would be fun for the recipients to search around their bags for the food fraud (the money safe that looks like food).

I think it would be weird just to give a bag of food as a gift but this bag of food has a purpose! It’s like the wrapping for the money gift. Even so, the gift needs an explanation which is why I created a few poems to attach to the gift.

How to tie the practical gift together.

The tags I created to add to the bags are what tie this practical gift together and make it make sense (I hope)!

How to use the practical way to give money gift tags:

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  1. Print the tags of your choice on card stock. There are three different poems and a few designs to choose from. The snowflake design looks great printed on kraft card stock.
  2. Cut the tags and hole punch the top.
  3. Fill a grocery bag full of snacks or food items and a money safe that looks like a food item. I chose peanuts. Be sure to put cash inside the money safe!
  4. Tie the gift tag onto the bag.
  5. Give to someone who would appreciate a practical gift!

Poems for this practical gift:

Poem 1:

Christmas cheer in a practical guise,

What’s more fitting than a feast for the eyes?

But heed my words, don’t be misled,

For one of these treats wears a disguise instead.

Poem 2:

Snacks and tinsel, a festive array,

Yet within the bounty, a trickster may sway.

Unwrap with care, a festive sleuth,

Find the fraud, reveal the truth.

Poem 3:

In the joyous glow of the holiday’s embrace,

Seek the phantom, discern the misplaced.

In the holiday’s warm and merry mood,

The challenge is set – the fraudulent food.

Get Your Practical Way To Give Money Tags Here

If you’re looking for a practical way to give money and don’t want the gift you give to end up at the next garage sale, I hope you’ll consider giving the gift of money disguised as (or wrapped in) food!


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