Guess How Many Snowballs Are In The Jar Christmas Game

Get ready for a flurry of fun with this Guess How Many Snowballs Are In The Jar Christmas Game! Fill a jar with fake snowballs, let your guests take their best guess, and watch the excitement unfold. The person with the closest guess wins a prize!

Guess How Many Snowballs Are In The Jar Christmas party game.

Game Supplies

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  • Printer
  • Card Stock or Paper
  • Guess How Many Snowballs Game
  • Frame – To frame the Guess How Many Sign
  • Jar – Fill a jar with something white that resembles snowballs.
  • Fake Snowballs (You will need a large jar if you choose to use fake snowballs.), Cotton Balls, or Marshmallows – To fill the jar with.
  • Pen – For guests to write their guesses.
  • Bowl – For guests to place their guess cards once they’ve filled them out.

How To Use The Guess How Many Snowballs Game

  1. Print the Guess How Many Snowballs Game. Print as many guess cards as you need.
  2. Cut the guess cards.
  3. Fill a jar with fake snowballs, cotton balls, or marshmallows – be sure to count them!
  4. Frame the Guess How Many sign.
  5. Find a bowl, box, or basket for people to put their guess cards in, once they’ve filled them out.
  6. Place the jar, filled with snowballs, the sign, guess cards, pens, and guess card receptacle in a spot where everyone will see it.
  7. At a designated time, go through the guess cards to find the person who guessed the closest.
  8. Award the winner a prize!

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Game Prize Ideas

The Guess How Many Snowballs Game deserves a prize that conveys warmth and joy! Here are a few ideas:

  1. White Christmas In A Box: A box filled with snowman soupChristmas Popcorn, and other cozy treats.
  2. Pom Pom Beanie Hat: Fit for a snowman!
  3. Snowman Puzzle: A jigsaw puzzle featuring a delightful snowman scene for a relaxing winter activity.
  4. Yarn Snowball: This is a creative way to give gift cards. Create a yarn snowball with a gift card or $10 inside and watch the fun unravel!
  5. Hat and Scarf: Keep the winner warm with a hat and scarf they can wear all winter long.
  6. Snowman Building Kit: A kit containing accessories like a carrot nose, coal eyes, and a top hat for building a real snowman.
  7. Cozy Winter Blanket: A warm and fuzzy blanket for snuggling up during winter.

We chose to do a Yarn Snowball with $10 inside to keep the festive fun going a little bit longer!

Guess How Many Games are the perfect addition to any party where guests can participate as they mingle. It’s also a great way to involve guests of all ages.


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