White Christmas Popcorn Tag

Celebrate the wonder of a White Christmas with an all-time favorite snack! With this festive White Christmas Microwave Popcorn Tag, you can turn a simple bag of microwave popcorn into a thoughtful gift that lets someone know you thought of them this Christmas.

Just Poppin' By to wish you a White Christmas tag on microwave popcorn.


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How To Assemble The White Christmas Popcorn Gift

  1. Print the Popcorn Tag on card stock.
  2. Cut the Popcorn Tags.
  3. Use an adhesive applicator to adhere the card to microwave popcorn.
  4. Tie with jute around the microwave popcorn and printable.
  5. Give to anyone you would like to wish a White Christmas!

Get Your White Christmas Popcorn Tag Here

This White Christmas Microwave Popcorn Tag is more than just a decorative touch – it’s a gesture of love and holiday spirit. Here’s to the magic of a White Christmas and the joy of giving.

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