White Christmas In A Box Ideas

Send a White Christmas In A Box to someone who lives in a sunshine state so they can get a glimpse of snowy joy!

My parents live in Arizona during the winter months and when I asked my mom what was on her wish list for Christmas, she asked if I could make her a flax seed heating bag. I had to find something else to send along with the heating bag and landed on a White Christmas theme!

A box full of White Christmas fun!

What To Put In A White Christmas Box

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Here are a few suggestions of things to put in a White Christmas Box to bring a touch of winter wonderland to the recipients:

  • Snowman Soup
  • Microwave Popcorn with a tag that says, ‘Just Poppin’ By To Wish You A White Christmas’.
  • Yarn Snowball with a surprise like cash or a gift card inside.
  • Snowman Coloring Page and Crayons – I don’t care how old you are, coloring is always fun!
  • Snowman Puzzle
  • Fake Snowballs – I used these as a filler in the box and ended up putting seven snowballs in the box.
  • Flax Seed Heating Bag – To keep warm on cold winter nights.
  • Snowflake Ornaments painted white with sparkles!
  • Snow Globe
  • Winter Themed Book or Movie
  • Hat and Scarf – I found an adorable hat and scarf set at Target but didn’t buy it because my parents wouldn’t use it in Arizona.
  • White Christmas Box Decor – To make the box festive and fun!

Be sure to tailor the things you choose to your recipients’ tastes and consider any specific interests or hobbies they have to make the white Christmas box even more meaningful for them. Also, take note of the box size you plan to send. I used a Medium Flat Rate Box from USPS and was able to fit quite a few things from the list above.

Get Your White Christmas Box Printables Here

The White Christmas In A Box Printable Set Includes:

  1. Two pages of printable box flap decor that fits 4″ box flaps.
  2. Just Poppin’ By To Wish You A White Christmas Microwave Popcorn Tags – 4 per page.
  3. Christmas Snowball Tags for yarn snowballs – 8 per page.
  4. Snowman Soup Gift Tags – 6 per page.
  5. Snowman Coloring Page.

Box Decor Poem

This poem is included in the White Christmas Box decor:

In a box, a world of white,

Snowy wonders, pure delight.

Fake snowballs, soft and light,

For a friendly, wintry fight.

Snowman soup, a cozy treat,

Warm your heart, oh, isn’t it sweet?

Icicles gleam, like crystals bright,

In the soft and silent night.

Open up, let joy unfold,

A white Christmas, pure and bold.

May laughter ring and spirits lift,

In this snowy, magical gift.

May your days be merry and bright,

Filled with joy and pure delight.

How To Use The White Christmas In A Box Printables:

  1. Print the White Christmas In A Box printables. I like to print on card stock.
  2. Cut out the Christmas shapes.
  3. Use an adhesive applicator to adhere the box décor to your box flaps.
  4. Add the Popcorn Tag to microwave popcorn.
  5. Add the Snowman Soup Tag to hot chocolate.
  6. Add the Christmas Snowball Tag to a yarn snowball with a surprise, like cash or a gift card, inside.
  7. Place the Snowman Coloring Page in the box.
  8. Fill your box with everything that makes you think of a White Christmas. (Ideas listed above!)

Infuse your recipients’ homes with the magic of winter even if they live in a state with perpetual sunshine!

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