Christmas Crafts For Kids

After hosting a Christmas Craft Party, I knew I wanted to make it an annual tradition! The craft party included crafts for moms and their kids. That meant I wanted to find fun Christmas Crafts For Kids! Crafts that kids can do fairly quickly and that don’t cost a lot because it’s my experience, that kids like to participate and move on to the next thing right away! The world is their oyster and there’s so much they want to experience and do!

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas Craft Party or are just looking for festive crafts to do with your kids this Christmas, these craft ideas are sure to be a hit!

Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

When it comes to Christmas crafts for kids, preparation is key so the crafts can be put together quickly! Here are a few ideas that I came up with!

Magic Reindeer Food

Kids are ALL IN when it comes to feeding Santa’s Reindeer and with just a few supplies and ingredients, you’ll have kids measuring and mixing sparkly food so Santa’s Reindeer can find their home!

Magic Reindeer Food in a snack size baggie and small jars.

Reindeer Ornament

After making food for the reindeer, a reindeer clay pot ornament craft is sure to be a hit! Kids will love putting this ornament on their Christmas tree and will be excited to save it to use again next year!

Candy Train Ornaments

There’s something about candy and creating something out of candy to put on your tree! Add to that excitement the fact that you can make a train out of candy and you have a Christmas craft winner!

Candy Train Ornament hanging on a Christmas Tree.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is a simple Christmas craft for kids! Cut a tree shape out of green felt, punch a hole in the top, and thread jute through the hole for hanging on the tree. Then, adhere glue dots to the felt trees for little ones to attach pom poms to.

Cinnamon Spice Ornaments

Homemade cinnamon spice ornaments look like they are pretty easy to make with just a few ingredients! I’m excited to try these out for Christmas!

Marbled Christmas Card

Kids love paint and stickers so this DIY marbled Christmas card is the perfect Christmas craft that allows them to use both. The cool thing is, this is a craft that the kids can be proud to give to relatives and friends and you get to cross Christmas cards off your list!

Christmas Tree Painting

From my experience, little ones like to create and craft, so when you find ideas like this marble-painted Christmas tree craft, it’s a win because it allows kids to craft without getting their hands full of paint! Plus, who wouldn’t like to roll a marble around with paint on it and discover the creations you can make?

Christmas Popcorn Gift

Help your kids make an easy and simple Christmas gift by adhering a festive tag to microwave popcorn. They will be so proud they were able to make a gift to give!

Wishing You A Poppin' Christmas tag for microwave popcorn.

Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments

These melted crayon Christmas ornaments look super fun to make and are something you can keep to decorate your tree year after year or give as a gift!

Snowman Soup

Kids can help you put all the ingredients for Snowman Soup into a bag to gift to someone or to keep for themselves!

Snowman Soup In A Clear Coffee Mug

Elf On The Shelf Craft

Whether your family participates in the Elf On The Shelf fun or not, creating an Elf On The Shelf Craft is a fun activity that your kids will be proud of and can use to decorate your home for Christmas!

Use these Christmas craft ideas for kids and throw in a few Christmas activities for kids and you’ll be well on your way to a Christmas worth remembering!

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