Birthday Game That Puts The Focus On The Birthday Person

How many times do you attend a Birthday Party and leave without hearing much from the actual Birthday guy or gal? This Birthday Game was designed to put the focus on the guest of honor while keeping party guests actively engaged!

Printable Birthday Game

What Age Is This Birthday Game For?

The Birthday Celebration ?’s Game can be used for any age where the Birthday person has an opinion, likes, and dislikes! With 56 cards, the game is flexible and you can choose the cards you know would work best for the Birthday person!

Why Do You Need To Play Games At Birthdays?

Games are a great way to alleviate the small talk and get party guests talking, thinking, and intrigued! This game puts the focus on the Birthday guy or gal which will leave them feeling loved and the guests will learn a little bit more about them.

Birthday Celebration ?’s

Replace the _ with the Birthday guy or gal’s name in either singular or possessive form.

  1. What is _ favorite restaurant?
  2. What’s _ middle name?
  3. What kind of movies does _ like best?
  4. Where does _ like to vacation?
  5. What is _ favorite hobby?
  6. How many siblings does _ have?
  7. What is _ favorite holiday?
  8. What is _ favorite drink?
  9. Where was _ born?
  10. Who is _ favorite actor?
  11. What is _ favorite color?
  12. What’s _ favorite song?
  13. What kind of music does _ listen to?
  14. Where did _ graduate high school?
  15. What does _ like about you?
  16. What is _ favorite food?
  17. What is _ favorite sport?
  18. What is _ favorite ice cream flavor?
  19. What is _ favorite television show?
  20. What is _ biggest pet peeve?
  21. Where does _ like to shop?
  22. What is _ favorite dessert?
  23. What year was _ born?
  24. What was _ first job?
  25. What’s the worst advice _ has ever given you?
  26. What was _ first car?
  27. What was _ biggest accomplishment this year?
  28. Does _ like adventure or would he/she rather stay home?
  29. What is _ good at?
  30. What does _ do to relax?
  31. What does _ spend his/her fun money on?
  32. If you gave _ $1,000 what would he/she spend it on?
  33. What is _ favorite way to make money?
  34. How do you know _ ?
  35. If _ was an animal, what animal would he/she be and why?
  36. What is _ favorite thing to wear??
  37. If _ had a super power, what would it be?
  38. What annoys _ ?
  39. What is/was _ favorite subject in school?
  40. What is the best advice _ has ever given you?
  41. What is _ favorite word?
  42. What would _ do or buy if he/she won the lottery?
  43. What is _ nickname?
  44. What is _ favorite way to work out?
  45. What would be _ dream job?
  46. What is _ favorite season?
  47. What is _ favorite social media?
  48. What is _ favorite streaming service?
  49. How does _ spend his/her free time?
  50. What is _ favorite video game?
  51. What celebrity would _ want to follow her/him back on Instagram?
  52. What’s the last show _ binge-watched?
  53. What is _ passionate about?
  54. What three things would _ take with him/her to a deserted island?
  55. If _ didn’t have to work, what would he/she do?
  56. What is your favorite thing about _ ?

Get Your Printable Birthday Celebration ?’s Here

Birthday Celebration Game Rules

  1. Choose one person to read the Birthday Celebration ?’s.
  2. The first person who responds correctly about the Birthday person gets the card. The Birthday person determines if the answer is correct and should be encouraged to linger on the question a bit!
  3. The person with the most Birthday Celebration Question Cards, at the end, wins a prize!

This Birthday Game was designed to make the Birthday person the center of attention, just as they should be on their special day!

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