Christmas Activities For Kids

After hosting a Christmas Craft Party, I knew I wanted to make it an annual tradition! The craft party included Christmas Crafts For Kids and their moms. Because kids seem to do best with projects they can get done quickly, I found it takes quite a few crafts and activities to keep them busy so I went looking for Christmas Activities For Kids to go along with the crafts I had planned for them.

Christmas Activities For Kids

Christmas Activity Sheet

The Christmas Activity Sheet is kind of like one of those placemats kids get with crayons at a restaurant! With various activities on one sheet, it’s likely to keep older kids busy for a bit!

Christmas Activity Sheet

Toilet Paper Snowman Game

One of the activities we planned for a teenage Christmas party was the Toilet Paper Snowman Game. It was a blast and teams enjoyed creating their own human snowman. Kids could have a LOT of fun with this festive game, too. It gets them active, working together, and laughing!

Toilet Paper Snowman Game Printables

Random Acts Of Kindness

There’s no better time than Christmas to spread a little kindness! Check out these Christmas kindness ideas to start spreading joy!

Decorate Cookies

Kids young and old like to decorate cookies. Provide them with the supplies to decorate their own cookie to eat!

Dress Santa

Roll dice and help Santa get dressed with this Forgetful Santa easy reader!

Create A Festive Masterpiece

Use these Christmas dot marker printables so little ones can create their own masterpiece with dot markers. You could even provide stickers or pom poms to fill in the circles.

Decorate Snowflakes

These snowflake fine motor printables are perfect for the little ones to decorate! Print on card stock, cut the snowflake, and supply festive stickers for little ones to stick on the snowflake!

Play Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a fun game for little kids to learn and for big kids (adults included) to figure out how to strategize. This Free Printable Christmas Cookie Tic Tac Toe game makes it easy to incorporate into your Christmas activities. Print it off, laminate it, and watch the competitions begin!

Match Colors

For little ones learning colors, a Christmas Color Matching Activity is festive learning fun! Print these free printables and gather small items that coordinate with the colors for little ones to match up.

Guess How Many Game

This Christmas Guess How Many Game is good for ALL ages! For those just learning to write, it only requires their name and a number. Younger kids will require help with their guesses and writing but will enjoy looking at the jar full of Christmas goodies.

Guess How Many Christmas Party Game Printables

Santa Beard Cutting Practice

This Santa Beard Cutting Practice activity just takes printing off a few sheets, some kid-safe scissors, and a little supervision to keep kids engaged and learning a new skill that’s great for hand strengthening. After all, what kid doesn’t like to use scissors?

Winter Counting Activity

This winter counting activity gives kids a chance to build a snowman nose using plastic chain links!

Snowman Coloring Page

Enjoy some frosty fun with this free snowman coloring page! Grab your favorite crayons and bring this cheerful snowman to life!

Snowman coloring page you can print at home.

Christmas Coloring Page

A Christmas coloring page and a new box of crayons are irresistible when sitting out on a table waiting to be used!

Christmas Coloring Page

Help your kids learn and grow this Christmas by providing Christmas Activities they will enjoy! These Christmas Activities For Kids will get your kids feeling festive in anticipation of Christmas!

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