Toilet Paper Snowman Game – Build A Human Snowman

A few years ago, we hosted a Christmas Party For Teenagers and it was a Blast! It was self-paced and I was pretty much hands off because we did party prep beforehand! One of the activities we planned was the Toilet Paper Snowman Game!

In a large Christmas Gift Bag, we placed three large Ziploc bags (for three teams), full of snowman-making supplies.

Then, we hosted a Christmas craft party for my nieces and nephew, with their kids, and played the game again! It was a lot of festive fun and I learned a few things this time around. Things like there’s no way you can choose one winner when you have two cute little girls dressed as snowmen. So, I adjusted the game, for next time, to have winners in different categories and revamped the PDF to include those voting categories.

Girl dressed like a snowman using toilet paper and supplies provided as a Christmas game!

Toilet Paper Snowman Game Supplies

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  • Printer
  • Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Toilet Paper: Dollar Tree toilet paper works great!
  • Snowman Shenanigans PDF: This PDF contains directions, clipart buttons, carrot, and pipe, snowman name cards, vote for your favorite snowmen sign, voting cards, and awards.
  • Tape: One for each team. (You may choose to include scissors in each bag to let the Snowman Teams cut their own snowman accessories or you may want to pre-cut them. I have always pre-cut them to make it easy.)
  • Hats or Earmuffs: I found the ones we used at the Dollar Tree.
  • Scarves: I found plain red scarves at the Dollar Tree, too!
  • Mittens or Gloves: The ones I used were a Christmas special at a Kroger store.
  • Prizes: Small prizes for the winning teams. We used Christmas chocolate bars.
Dressing a girl as a snowman using toilet paper and provided supplies.

How To Play The Toilet Paper Snowman Game

  1. Divide guests into teams. The number of teams you have will depend on the number of snowman-making supplies you’ve gathered.
  2. Give each Snowman team a bag of Snowman Supplies.
  3. Each team chooses one member to be their snowman. This person will be transformed into a snowman using the materials provided.
  4. Set a timer. Give teams 5 – 10 minutes to complete their snowman.
  5. After the time is up, each team poses for a team picture.
  6. Vote for the funniest, silliest, cutest, and most original snowman. Everyone can vote but they can only vote for their own snowman once.
  7. Give the winning snowmen teams their award and small prizes you’ve purchased from the store.
  8. Watch it snow as your snowmen unravel their new look!
Playing a snowman game at a Christmas Party.

Oh my goodness! This activity created loads of laughter and the snowmen posed with their team for pictures before decorating the floor with toilet paper. We even made snow angels in all the toilet paper that unraveled!

After playing the toilet paper snowman game, it was fun to make snow angels in all the unraveled toilet paper.

Get your Snowman Toilet Paper Game Printables Here

See The Toilet Paper Snowman Shenanigans Game In Action


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