Christmas Snowball – A Creative Way to Give Money!

Money is an incredibly practical and useful gift, it’s just so boring to give AND receive. The Christmas Snowball is a creative way to give money that will surely bring laughter and festive fun to gifting money!

I have a dilemma. A dilemma I’m sure most of you have faced at some point as well. My nephew wants money for Christmas! Although it’s an incredibly practical and useful Christmas gift, it’s just so boring to give AND receive.

I needed a creative way to give money and quickly remembered giving nieces and nephews The Snowball Surprise one year for Christmas! By the time they were done unwrapping The Snowball Surprise, they were each wearing a moustache and had collected candy, a hacky sack, a gift card, and other little treats!

My nephew will be getting a Christmas Snowball full of money this year!

Christmas Money Snowball Supplies

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White Crepe Streamer

I used one roll and purchased mine at the Dollar Tree.

Clear 5″ x 11″ Treat Bags

These clear plastic treat bags are incredibly versatile. I always have some on hand!


I chose to put money in different denominations for my nephew’s Money Snowball! Yes, even change!

In the past I’ve put gift cards in the center and used candy and small novelty toys throughout the rest!

Money gifts are the best gift idea because it’s easy to make them fit your Christmas budget by using the amount that works for you. Plus, you don’t even need to go Christmas shopping!

Rudolph Light Up Nose

I chose a light up Rudolph nose to put at the center of my nephew’s Christmas Money Snowball! You could also use a gift card or other small toy.


I absolutely recycle ribbon and happened to have ribbon on hand. My all time favorite place to get ribbon is at Costco. You have to act quick when you see it though because it sells out fast. Use it for gifts, crafts, and Money Snowballs! Grosgrain ribbon can be used over and over and over again!


Cardstock works great for our printable Christmas Snowball tags and is another thing I love to have on hand!

We did this for my grown children as a way to give money for Christmas. It was so fun. They loved it! We even put small toys from their childhood in the center. While they loved getting money, they loved the process and it was cheap gift wrap! Great idea for a fun money gift!


Buy Your Christmas Snowball Printable Tags Here

How To Wrap Money For A Gift

In order to put bills, of any denomination, into a money snowball, I folded them in half, in half again, and then … wait for it … in half again (but in the opposite direction). The folded bills ended up being just a bit bigger than the size of a quarter.

Then, as I tucked a bill into the snowball, I wrapped crepe paper around enough to fully cover it before I added the next bill.

My personal preference is to start with the largest denominations first, then work my way out to the smallest denominations and coins. That way, when the recipient starts unraveling the crepe paper, they will work from the smallest to largest denominations.

How to Assemble the Christmas Snowball

  1. Begin with a reindeer nose, money, or gift card. Wrap enough white crepe streamer around it to fully cover it.
  2. Add additional money, toys, candy etc. as you wrap.
  3. Use a festive sticker or piece of tape to fasten the end.
  4. Place your snowball in a clear treat bag.
  5. Cut out the Christmas Snowball tags.
  6. Use a fastener from the treat bags to tie the Christmas Snowball tag onto the bag.
  7. Finish off with a pretty bow!

You’re ready to toss the Christmas Snowball to its’ recipient!

Who should you give a Christmas Snowball money gift to?

The snowball money gift idea is a unique way to give money to anyone who could use a little extra cash and, let’s get real, anyone could use a little extra money as a Christmas gift!

  • Teenagers
  • College Students
  • Kids
  • Parents (who have everything)
  • Nieces & Nephews
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Grandparents
  • Anyone who is hard to buy for

Money Snowballs are great gifts for anyone on your list and are a fun way to say Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thank you for the creative idea! The download of the tags worked perfectly. But I’m not able to print them in color, any suggestions?

  2. Oh MAAAAAAAAN, OH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN BRIDGET!!! I was just at the grocery store telling Hubby I needed to think of a fun way to give “Junior” some Christmas cash and I come home to THIS!!! πŸ˜€
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! That video was SO helpful! Now i get the importance of the Rudolph nose! I am going to attempt this and I believe my “little boy” will love it! You are the BEST BRIDGET!!! Did I mention THANK YOU??? πŸ˜€

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