Grinch Gift Exchange Game Rules And Numbers

This Grinch Gift Exchange Game was designed to be played the same way as Dirty Santa or White Elephant. Use the Grinch Gift Exchange Game Rules And Numbers to celebrate Christmas with up to 48 family members, friends, or co-workers!

Grinch Gift Exchange Rules and Numbers.

Be sure to clarify whether gifts should be nice or terrible so your guests won’t be the brunt of jokes when they bring a ‘real’ gift when everyone else has brought something silly.

Choose a dollar amount and let your guests know their Grinch Gift should be valued under that amount. I suggest either $10 or $25.

Rules For The Grinch Gift Exchange Game

1. Place wrapped gifts in the center of the room.

When entering, have your guests place their gifts just inside the door to keep gifts anonymous.

2. Have each guest draw a number.

It’s easy to scratch numbers on paper and pass them out BUT, if you want something Extra Special, check out our printables (found below)!

3. Number one chooses a gift, unwraps it, and puts it on display for all to see.

4. Gifts must stay in view at all times and remain in their original packaging, if applicable.

5. Each subsequent number has two options; steal a gift from someone who has gone before them or choose an unopened gift.

6. If a guest has their gift stolen, they can either steal from another or choose an unopened gift.

They may NOT steal the same gift that was just stolen from them until the next round.

7. Gifts can be stolen up to three times. A gift is frozen with the fourth owner.

Encourage your guests to steal. Stealing makes for a fun, lively game!

8. If number one has the same gift they started with, they may choose to trade with any unfrozen gift.

9. Wasn’t that great? You did mean things, and you did them in style!

Print off a few Grinch Gift Exchange Rule Sheets and leave them scattered throughout the room so everyone is on the same page.

Grinch Gift Exchange Printable Rules and Numbers

More Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

Tired of people playing nice at gift exchange parties? Check out The Grinched Gift Exchange Game that takes the stealing out of participants’ hands and puts the blame on the card they are dealt! Each card gives directions to steal, trade, or open a gift so guests stay active and gifts rarely stay with the original person who opened them.

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