Christmas Advent Calendar For College Students

Just because they’re in college doesn’t mean they can’t have a little Christmas Advent Calendar FUN!

A USPS box full of Advent gifts and decorated with Advent Calendar Printables.

Christmas Advent Calendar For College Students

This is not your traditional Advent Calendar with cute little boxes that fit perfectly in another box. NOPE! This Advent Calendar is an assortment of small gifts to wrap and adhere Advent Calendar Numbers to!

We plan to send the first 14 gifts to open at college and will have the rest waiting at home when she arrives!

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Advent Calendar Supplies

What To Put In The Christmas Advent Calendar For College Students

I asked my college freshman daughter to help me out with this project. I know, I know … she won’t be surprised by a lot of these Advent Calendar gifts but I needed the expert! Plus, she will be thrilled to actually GET these fun little items we’ve picked out!

Listed below are Advent Calendar Ideas for College Students, picked by our very own College Student!

We hope it inspires you to create your own Advent Calendar YOUR way!

These are items we found at our local Target:

  • Play Foam
  • Travel Pack of Christmas Tissues
  • Play-Doh
  • Yoobi Mini Stickers
  • Yoobi Plush Push Pins
  • Yoobi Stamp Set
  • Rudolph Adhesive Bandages
  • It’s a Surprise Toy – unwrap to reveal a surprise!
  • Happy Binder Clips
  • Kirby Squishme

Christmas Word Search

Christmas Coloring Page

My college freshman asked for coloring pages to help her de-stress. I’m all about helping her to have less stress so I’m including this Christmas Coloring Page in her Advent Box.

A few of these Gift Ideas I was able to split up and use for my son too!

How To Use The Christmas Advent Calendar Printables

  1. Print the Advent Calendar Box Printables on card stock.
  2. Cut out the Christmas shapes.
  3. Hole punch the Christmas lights and thread jute through them to create a banner.
  4. Use an adhesive applicator to adhere the box décor to your Advent Calendar Box flaps.
  5. Gather 24 small Advent Calendar Gifts.
  6. Choose which style Advent Calendar Numbers you like. Do you want to cut shapes or want the straight forward squares you can cut with a paper cutter? Print and cut your choice. Place numbers 1 – 24 out, in a row.
  7. Place gifts in the order you would like them to be opened, next to the numbers.
  8. Wrap each gift and attach the number.
  9. Place gifts in your decorated Advent Calendar box and mail!

You did it! Just load your Advent Calendar Gifts into the box to send to your college student!

But WAIT … only send the Advent Gifts for the days your college student will be at school. Save the rest for when they come home!

For example … my college freshman will come home December 15th. I will send Advent Gifts 1 – 14 and keep Advent Gifts 15 – 24 here, at home!

Get Your Christmas Advent Calendar For College Students Printables Here

Pre-Made Advent Calendar Options

If making an advent calendar isn’t your thing, there are plenty of great pre-made options available! Advent calendars come in all shapes and sizes from LEGO, to Funko Pop, or the classic Advent with chocolates. There is an advent calendar for everyone.

Toy/Figurine Advent Calendars

Classic Candy/Chocolate Advent Calendars

Miscellaneous Advent Calendars

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