All About My Dad Coloring Page

Celebrate Father’s Day with a fun activity that preschool and elementary-aged kids will love! This All About My Dad Coloring Page is a heartfelt and engaging way for kids to show their love and appreciation for their dads. With prompts in fun shapes to fill in, kids can share the things that make their dads special and do a little coloring too!

This Father’s Day Coloring Page gives kids a chance to practice their writing and coloring skills and also creates a cherished keepsake that dads will treasure forever. Perfect for classroom use or at home, parents and teachers can assist preschoolers by writing in their responses to the prompts.

All about dad printable coloring page with prompts laying on a table with felt tip markers.

Prompts Included On The All About My Dad Coloring Page

The Father’s Day Coloring Page includes fun shapes to write in for the following prompts:

  • My dad’s name is …
  • My dad is ___ years old
  • My favorite thing to do with my dad is …
  • My dad always says …
  • My dad’s job is …
  • My dad’s favorite food is …
  • My dad is really good at …
  • My name is …
  • I am ___ years old!

These prompts will encourage older kids to get creative with their answers and preschoolers will likely come up with funny answers that should be written in without editing. For example, if you ask a preschooler how old their dad is and they say ‘7’ … don’t hesitate to write in 7! This is what makes the All About My Dad Coloring Sheet special and unique for each dad!

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Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate our fathers and paternal role models who have played such a positive role in our lives.

NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay

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What Is The Purpose Of This Coloring Page?

  1. Celebrate Dad – This coloring page gives kids a chance to create a unique gift for their dad in celebration of who he is and what he means to them, in their own words.
  2. Enhance Creativity – Filling out the prompts helps kids practice their writing and sharpen their thinking skills while also allowing them to foster their artistic side with coloring.
  3. Make Memories – This coloring sheet is one that dads can keep in a special place to look back on for years to come! According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, in 2024, 39% of people looking for Father’s Day ideas say it’s most important to prioritize a gift that creates a special memory.   
  4. Boost Communication Skills – Following the prompts, kids have the opportunity to express their thoughts about their dad.
  5. Builds Confidence – With this activity, kids are able to take part in making Father’s Day special for their dads with just a little help.

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Get Your All About My Dad Coloring Page Here

All about my dad printable coloring page.

This All About My Dad Coloring Page is a fun and creative way to celebrate Father’s Day that may even make dads crack a smile and feel adored!


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