Guess How Many Eggs Are In The Jar Easter Game

Looking for an egg-cellent activity to engage guests at your Easter gathering? This Guess How Many Eggs Are In The Jar Easter Game is ready to add egg-citement to your party as guests take their best guess at the number of eggs in the jar. Engage your guests, foster friendly competition, and create lasting memories.

Guess how many eggs are in the jar game.

Game Supplies

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  • Printer
  • Card Stock or Paper
  • Guess How Many Eggs Are In The Jar Game Printables
  • Frame – To frame the Guess How Many Sign
  • Large Jar – Fill a large jar with plastic Easter eggs.
  • Plastic Easter Eggs – To fill the jar with.
  • Pen – For guests to write their guesses.
  • Bowl – For guests to place their guess cards once they’ve filled them out.

How To Use The Guess How Many Eggs Easter Game

  1. Print the Guess How Many Eggs Are In The Jar Game. Print as many guess cards as you need.
  2. Cut the guess cards.
  3. Fill a jar with eggs (I chose to use plastic eggs) – be sure to count them! (You may also choose to take a picture of the jar with a note of the actual number of eggs to show at the end of the game.)
  4. Frame the Guess How Many sign.
  5. Find a bowl, box, or basket for people to put their guess cards in, once they’ve filled them out.
  6. Place the jar, filled with eggs, the sign, guess cards, pens, and guess card receptacle in a spot where everyone will see it.
  7. At a designated time, go through the guess cards to find the person who guessed the closest. (Announce the winner and display a picture of the number of eggs in the jar, taken in advance, for full transparency.)
  8. Award the winner a prize!

To make the guessing more strategic, you could provide clues about the number of eggs in the jar. For example, you could mention whether it’s an odd or even number, or give a range within which the number falls.

Get Your Guess How Many Eggs Are In The Jar Game Here

Game Prize Ideas

The Guess How Many Eggs Game deserves a prize that ignites egg-citement to participate in the game. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Garden Set: Encourage the winner to embrace the spring season with a gardening set or even a few vegetable starts.
  2. Easter Basket: Fill a basket with chocolate, candy, small toys, and perhaps a plush bunny to keep the Easter spirit alive. You could even make your own Paper Easter Basket!
  3. Gift Card: A gift card to a popular store or restaurant, that will allow the winner to treat themself to something special. Because there are so many gift card scams, we chose to give a $10 gift card to Costco along with a few Easter treats! There’s something for every age at Costco!
  4. Money: The universal gift everyone can use! Add $10 to an Easter egg and place it in a small basket with a few other Easter treats.
  5. The Jar Full Of Eggs: If you’ve filled the plastic eggs in the jar with treats, you might consider gifting the whole jar to the winner!

You could also have prizes on hand for different categories, such as the closest guess, most creative guess, or most wildly off guess. This way, more participants have a chance to win something.

Guess How Many Games are the perfect addition to any party where guests can participate as they mingle. It’s also a great way to involve guests of all ages.


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