Lucky Guess Game Idea

In this Lucky Guess Game, guests will have a chance to guess how much money is in a jar filled with coins. You provide a Lucky Guess sign, Lucky Guess cards, and a jar full of coins. Guests write their best guess on one of the Lucky Guess cards, cross their fingers for good luck, and the person with the closest guess wins the entire jar of money! Let the guessing begin!

Lucky Guess Game for parties.

Game Supplies

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  • Printer
  • Card Stock or Paper – I used Kraft Card Stock for this game.
  • Lucky guess Game Printables
  • Frame – To frame the Guess How Many Sign
  • Jar – A jar to place coins inside or whatever you choose.
  • Coins – Or something festive for your occasion.
  • Pen – For guests to write their guesses.
  • Bowl – For guests to place their guess cards once they’ve filled them out.

How To Use The Lucky Guess Game

  1. Print the Lucky Guess Game. Print as many guess cards as you need. For this game I chose to use kraft card stock.
  2. Cut the guess cards.
  3. Fill a jar with coins or an item of your choice – be sure to count!
  4. Frame the Lucky Guess sign.
  5. Find a bowl, box, or basket for people to put their guess cards in, once they’ve filled them out.
  6. Place the jar, filled with coins or your choice of items, the sign, guess cards, pens, and guess card receptacle in a spot where everyone will see it.
  7. At a designated time, go through the guess cards to find the person who guessed the closest.
  8. Award the winner a prize!

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Game Prize Ideas

These prize ideas ensure that the Lucky Guess Game is engaging and rewarding for participants.

  1. The Jar of Coins: The grand prize is, of course, the jar of money itself. This could be a mix of coins of varying denominations, ensuring a substantial reward for the winner.
  2. Gift Cards: A gift card to a popular store, restaurant, or online retailer is an alternative prize idea for the winner.
  3. Experience Vouchers: Offer vouchers for experiences such as movie tickets, a spa treatment, or an adventure activity.
  4. Event Tickets: Give tickets to a concert, sporting event, or theater performance for an exciting prize option.

Lucky Guess Games are the perfect addition to any party where guests can participate as they mingle. It’s also a great way to involve guests of all ages.


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