Groovy Valentine Popcorn Idea

Get ready to spread some love this Valentine’s Day with this Groovy Valentine Popcorn Idea! Whether you’re popping by to wish a friend a Poppin’ Valentine’s Day, sending out Peace, Love, and Popcorn vibes, or simply sharing a Have A Poppin’ Valentine’s Day, these tags are the perfect way to make your celebration unique. Easy to assemble and budget-friendly, this non-candy treat is sure to bring a smile to the faces of classmates, students, friends, or co-workers. Turn Valentine’s Day into a poppin’ good time with this simple and inexpensive gift!

Get Your Groovy Popcorn Valentine Here

Supplies You’ll Need To Create This Valentine

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  • Microwave Popcorn: If you have a Costco nearby, you’ll find a large box of microwave popcorn there at a great price!
  • Groovy Popcorn Valentine Tags (found above)
  • Cardstock
  • Jute – To help keep the tag in place and to make it look awesome!
  • Adhesive Applicator – To keep the tag in place.
  • Computer and Printer
Personalized groovy popcorn tag on a bag of microwave popcorn.
Poppin' By To Wish You A Groovy Valentine's Day tag on a bag of microwave popcorn.
Peace, Love, Popcorn tag on a bag of microwave popcorn.

How To Assemble Your Groovy Valentine’s Day Popcorn

The first popcorn tag is fillable which means you can add your name, right on your computer, before printing. (The fillable popcorn tag works best in Adobe Viewer.) You can also print and write your name in by hand.

Don’t want to add a name? You can give the popcorn tags just as they are or use the options that aren’t fillable (second and third page)!

  1. If using the fillable tag, add your name to the Popcorn Tags, on your computer – optional.
  2. Print the Groovy Valentine’s Day Popcorn Tags of your choice on card stock. There are three options: one with room for a name and the other two without.
  3. Cut the Popcorn Tags.
  4. Use an adhesive applicator to adhere the card to microwave popcorn.
  5. Tie with jute around the microwave popcorn and printable.
  6. Give to anyone you would like to wish a Groovy Valentine’s Day!

As you give these Groovy Popcorn Valentines, may they bring joy and smiles to everyone you give them to. With their easy assembly and budget-friendly charm, these non-candy treats are a festive way to celebrate love and friendship on Valentine’s Day.


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