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You’ve Been Hugged Care Package Ideas To Warm Someone’s Heart

When you can’t HUG someone in person, a You’ve Been Hugged Care Package is the next best thing! Decorate your care package with sweet designs and fill it with cozy things that will make the recipient feel cared for.

You've Been Hugged Care Package Printables

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You’ve Been Hugged Care Package Supplies

What To Put In A You’ve Been Hugged Care Package

There are many options for what to put in a Hugged Box. Think of anything that gives you the comfort of home or makes you feel warm and cozy.

Comfort Foods

Add a favorite soup, crackers, or even specialty bread to your Hug Box to make the recipient feel warm and cozy.

Hug Blanket

Nothing is cozier than a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night.

Warm Hugs Blanket

This is another option for a cozy blanket to give a warm hug.

Hug Ring

This ring can be worn as a reminder that they are cared about.

Sloth Hugs

They’re cute, AND you can warm them up.

Pocket Hug

Every time they look in their coin purse or stick their hand in their pocket, they will be reminded of the hugs you’ve sent their way.

Fuzzy Warm Socks

The comfort of fuzzy warm socks will make them feel loved and cared for.

Warm Hat

Every time they put this hat on, they will remember you and how you care for them.

Neck Massager

This warm neck massager will hug their neck and help them relieve stress almost like a hug would.

Justine with a Flax Seed Heating Bag around her neck.

Flax Seed Heating Bag

Make a flax seed heating bag that they will use over and over again to soothe aches and pains or to warm up their toes.

Don’t want to make one yourself? Check out this heating bag on Etsy.

How To Use The You’ve Been Hugged Care Box Printables

  1. Print the You’ve Been Hugged Care Package Printables on card stock. There are two options for box décor – 1 for large 5″ box flaps (fit perfect on USPS Regional Rate Box B) and 1 for small 3-1/2″ box flaps (fit perfectly on USPS Regional Rate Box A).
  2. Cut the You’ve Been Hugged Care Package box décor.
  3. Punch two holes in the top of each banner flag and thread jute through them to create a banner.
  4. Use an adhesive applicator to adhere the box décor to your box flaps.
  5. Write a note on the Notecard and place it in your box.
  6. Add cozy items you’ve purchased to send a HUG. Make sure it is packed well so things don’t shift.
  7. Seal and send your Care Package to make someone’s day!

Get Your You’ve Been Hugged Care Package Box Decor Here

If you’d like to send a You’ve Been Hugged Box with a groovy flair, check out this option: Groovy You’ve Been Hugged Care Package Printables.

You've Been Hugged Care Package Printable Pages
You’ve Been Hugged Box Decor

Everyone can use a hug or two, so send a hug to someone you care about and make their heart happy! I bet your heart will burst with love when you do.

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