Who Is Most Like Cupid Valentine Party Game

The Who Is Most Like Cupid Game is the ultimate game of love and laughter! In this heartwarming competition, guests will discover just how skilled they are at channeling their inner Cupid. As the cards unfold, revealing charming Cupid-like qualities, players will collect hearts faster than cherubs flutter their wings. It’s a playful adventure into the world of love where matchmaking skills, mischievous grins, and an abundance of love are the keys to winning the coveted title of the most Cupid-esque charmer.

Who Is Most Like Cupid game cards and hearts.

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Game Directions

  1. Download the Who Is Most Like Cupid Game.
  2. Print and cut the game cards on card stock. Use just the ones you like best. 
  3. Cut hearts on red or pink card stock. You will need a LOT of hearts (depending on how many guests you’ll have). I recommend having on hand 18 hearts for each guest in attendance. If you prefer not to cut that many hearts, check out these heart cutouts that are done for you!
  4. Award the winner a prize! (Ideas below)

Game Rules

The rules are clear and concise. Participants will surely enjoy the simplicity of the gameplay, and it sets the stage for a fun and friendly competition. May the most snowman-like individual win!

  1. Take turns reading the Who Is Most Like Cupid Cards.
  2. Each person with the Cupid trait on the card gets a heart.
  3. The person with the most hearts, at the end, is the MOST like Cupid!

Cupid Traits

The following are the Cupid traits on the cards. Don’t want to buy the game? No worries! You can read the traits right from this page. Just be sure to have hearts ready for guests to collect!

  1. Are you wearing something red?
  2. Is your Birthday in February?
  3. Do you have a C, U, P, I, or D in your first name?
  4. Is your favorite shape a heart?
  5. Is your favorite holiday Valentine’s Day?
  6. Did you decorate for Valentine’s Day?
  7. Are you wearing something with a heart on it?
  8. Have you ever been in love?
  9. Is your favorite color pink?
  10. Have you ever shot a bow and arrow?
  11. Are you wearing something pink?
  12. Have you been to a wedding in the past year?
  13. Have you given someone a Valentine’s gift this year?
  14. Do you have curly hair?
  15. Do you have a sweetheart?
  16. Have you been to a Valentine’s Day Party this year?
  17. Do you like chocolate?
  18. Have you complimented someone today?
  19. Do you have blonde hair?
  20. Have you hugged someone today?
  21. Are you a little mischievous?
  22. Do you consider yourself to be playful?
  23. Can you play an instrument?
  24. Have you ever been a matchmaker?
  25. Have you ever worn a toga?
  26. Have you been known to be a bit careless?
  27. Is your favorite color red?
  28. Are you understanding of others when it comes to matters of the heart?
  29. Are you a good listener?
  30. Do you have an optimistic attitude when it comes to love?
  31. Are you good at bringing people together?
  32. Have you ever worn wings?

Get Your Who Is Most Like Cupid Valentine’s Game Here

Game Prize Ideas

The person with the most cupid traits deserves a prize fit for a playful romantic! Here are a few festive prize ideas for the winner of the Who Is Most Like Cupid Game:

  1. Dinner for Two:
    • A gift card to a restaurant for the winner and their date. Make it inexpensive and humorous with a Costco gift card and this gift card holder!
  2. Valentine Gift Box:
    • A box filled with chocolates, conversation hearts, a popcorn Valentine, and other Valentine goodies.
  3. Cupid Accessories:
  4. A Cozy Blanket:
  5. Movie Tickets:
    • Purchase movie tickets so Cupid can take his date to a movie.

May your hearts be brimming with laughter and love as you play this Who Is Most Like Cupid Game to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


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