Valentine Party Games

Get ready to sprinkle some love and laughter into your Valentine’s Day celebration with these party games! Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or just looking for a good time, this is the perfect mix of games to add a touch of Cupid’s charm to your gathering. These Valentine’s Day games will turn your party into a love-filled extravaganza!

Who Is Most Like Cupid?

The Who Is Most Like Cupid Game is the ultimate game of love and laughter where guests will discover just how skilled they are at channeling their inner Cupid. As the cards unfold, revealing charming Cupid-like qualities, players will collect hearts faster than cherubs flutter their wings.

Who Is Most Like Cupid Game printables.
Who Is Most Like Cupid? Valentine Party Game

Guess How Many Hearts Are In The Jar

This Guess How Many Hearts Valentine Game can be used at Valentine’s parties, work, school, or even at home! A sweet prize will make people want to get involved!

Guess how many hearts are in the jar Valentine's Day game.
Guess How Many Hearts Are In The Jar Valentine’s Day Game

Name That Love Song

Choose one person to sing love song lyrics or pull songs up on your favorite streaming service (Spotify, YouTube, etc.) and play the song until someone guesses! The person who correctly guessed the most wins!

Name That Love Song game cards.
Name That Love Song Game

Don’t forget to cherish the moments of laughter and love shared during your Valentine’s Day party. I hope these games added a sprinkle of joy to your celebration!

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