Groovy You’ve Been Hugged Gift Idea

The Groovy You’ve Been Hugged Gift Idea is an awesome way to spread love to a friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor with sweet vibes any day of the year!

The Groovy You’ve Been Hugged Printable is a two-page PDF that includes the following

  • One page with two You’ve Been Hugged Cards on the page for baskets, boxes, or bags.
  • One page with eight You’ve Been Hugged Tags to add to a gift that gives off sweet vibes.
Groovy You've Been Hugged printable page with two cards on the page.
Groovy You've Been Hugged Printable Tags you can hole punch and add to a gift that gives off good vibes.

How To Use The Groovy You’ve Been Hugged Printable

If you plan to SEND a package, check out these Groovy You’ve Been Hugged Care Package Printables!

  1. Print the You’ve Been Hugged cards or tags on card stock – found below.
  2. Cut the cards or tags and hole punch the top of each tag.
  3. Place a card in a basket, bag, or box with a few groovy treats, or add a tag to a simple treat that gives off good vibes.
  4. Deliver to your friend’s door, ring the bell, and leave or leave on a coworker’s desk. You may choose to sign your name or be completely anonymous.
Groovy You've Been Hugged cards and tags you can print at home.

Get Your You’ve Been Hugged PDF Here

Sweet Vibe Gift Ideas

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Creating a gift basket full of sweet vibes is a groovy idea. Here are some suggestions for items you can include to spread love:

  1. Honey: A jar of high-quality Manuka honey is a touch of sweetness anyone can appreciate.
  2. Tea: Select a variety of soothing teas to go along with honey.
  3. Sweet Treats: Include a few nostalgic sweets.
  4. Journal or Notebook: Write a few positive quotes (find some good ones on my Facebook page) or leave a personalized note to uplift the recipient’s spirits.
  5. Herbal Tea Infuser: Make the tea-drinking experience more enjoyable with a tea infuser.
  6. Plant or Succulent: A small potted plant or succulent can add a touch of nature and positivity to the gift.
  7. Inspirational Mug: A mug with an inspirational message is a functional and uplifting addition.
  8. Cozy Blanket: A cozy blanket to bring warmth and comfort.
  9. Colorful Retro Clothing or Accessories: Look for things like tie-dye shirts, or accessories with a retro flair, like round sunglasses.
  10. Disco Ball: Create a mini dance party atmosphere with a small disco ball and curate a playlist of groovy tunes and present it in a fun and nostalgic way on a USB drive shaped like a cassette.
  11. Old School Board Games or Puzzles: Include classic board games or puzzles that evoke a sense of nostalgia, like Twister, Connect Four, or a Rubik’s Cube.
  12. Lava Lamp: Enhance the ambiance with a lava lamp for a cool and retro vibe.
  13. Hippie or Bohemian Jewelry: Include some bohemian-inspired jewelry, such as beaded bracelets, peace sign necklaces, or other accessories with a retro feel.

Be the person who spreads love all year long using these Groovy You’ve Been Hugged ideas!

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