Guess How Much Money Is In The Jar Graduation Party Game

The Guess How Much Money Is In The Jar Graduation Party Game is a fun and simple way for graduation party guests to participate in festive fun while they mingle! Fill a jar with coins, bills, or a mixture of both, and watch your guests try to size up the jar and how much they think is inside!

Guess how much money is in the jar graduation party game printables.

How To Play The Guess How Much Money Is In The Jar Game

  1. Print the Guess How Much Money Is In The Jar Graduation Party Game. Print as many guess cards as you need.
  2. Cut the guess cards.
  3. Fill a jar with coins, bills, or a mixture of the two – be sure to count how much money you put in the jar!
  4. Cut the star and graduation cap clipart to put on the table – optional.
  5. Frame the Guess How Much sign – optional.
  6. Find a bowl, box, or basket for people to put their guess cards in once they’ve filled them out.
  7. Place the jar filled with money, the sign, the guess cards, pens, and the guess card receptacle in a spot where everyone will see it.
  8. At a designated time, go through the guess cards to find the person who guessed the closest.
  9. Award the winner a prize!

Game Prize Ideas

  • The Jar Full Of Money! – The chance to win money will inspire even the most hesitant partygoer to take action and guess! The amount of money in the jar can vary depending on the size of the jar, what coins or denominations you put in, and the budget allocated for the prize. This prize idea makes the most sense for this game!
  • Gift Cards – Gift cards to local favorites are always a good idea, but be sure to take precautions when purchasing gift cards so you don’t become part of a gift card scam.
  • Gift Basket – Fill a basket full of things the graduate likes and would want to share with a friend. This could be snacks, food, drinks, fuzzy socks, a favorite book, or a game.
  • Something Theme Related – If your graduation party has a theme, give a prize that goes along with the theme. For example, if the graduation theme is Oh, The Places You’ll Go, give a few tickets to the local zoo so the prize winner can go on their own adventure!

Get Your Guess How Much Money Game Here

This guess how much money is in the jar graduation party game idea is sure to attract attention and give your guests something fun to talk about!

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