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Ways To Use Your Graduation Money

You’re graduating! Congrats! A big accomplishment that you should be incredibly proud of. It’s a time of joy and celebration. With graduation comes a lot of things. Graduation ceremonies, graduation parties, and graduation presents. One of the most common grad gifts given by family and friends is money (This makes sense, money is practical and essentially useful to anyone who receives it). However, if you are like me, it is hard to figure out exactly what to do with graduation money. Hopefully, this post will allow you to figure out the perfect ways to use your graduation money.

Ways to use your graduation money!

Fancy Dinner

You just graduated! It’s time to celebrate. Treat yourself! You deserve it! A fancy dinner at a nice, expensive, sit-down restaurant is a great way to unwind and celebrate your big achievement. When I was a student, I definitely did not have the budget for an expensive restaurant trip. However, I always kept an eye on really cool new restaurants I wanted to try. If you yourself have been eyeing a restaurant, but it’s never been in the budget, now is the time. You’ve got graduation money to spend, baby!

Frame for Diploma

With graduating, you get a fancy diploma. Show it off! You earned it, and it shouldn’t rot away in some box in the attic. Getting a frame for your diploma (and maybe stole as well) is a great way to showcase your accomplishment. A diploma frame may not be the most fun way to spend money, but it’ll be well worth it. You can stare at the frame on your wall for hours, taking pride in your work.

Clothes for Job/Professional Life

If you are headed into the workforce right after graduation, your day-to-day attire may change quite a bit. From sweatpants or ripped jeans in school to a more professional, complete look at a job. New clothes (especially professional ones) can be expensive. Using your graduation money to buy your professional clothes is another great option. That way, you can be ready for the world without having to break your own budget.


I mean, why not? Travel is fun, and a great way to explore new cultures, regions, and environments. As fun as traveling is, it’s not the cheapest. If you have eyes on a new travel destination, use your graduation money for that! Whether it’s a daycation, road trip, or even an overseas adventure. Free money doesn’t come often. Use it to your advantage and go on an adventure before entering the workforce.

Acropolis in Athens

Decorations for a New Place

Are you moving into an apartment/house/condo right after graduation? Likely you’ll have some space to fill wherever you’re going. It can be overwhelming trying to furnish a new place. Graduation money can be a great way to supplement your moving and decorating budget. Even for simple things like pictures/paintings for your walls, table decorations, or a new bar cart (for the overage people reading this). Decor and furnishing can be expensive. Grad money can help.


I know, I know, boo, what a boring suggestion. But hear me out. Loans SUCK. Especially if you feel like you’ll never get out from under them. If you are a person that stresses over owing others money, putting down a significant amount towards your student loans can help alleviate that. It’s not the fun option, but it’s the most practical. Not to mention, if you have enough graduation money to make a large dent in your loans, there are additional benefits. Like not having to pay as much interest in the long run.

Hopefully, one or more of these suggestions resonated with you! Graduation money provides so many possibilities. Have fun with it and enjoy yourself. Proud of you!


Hi! I’m Justine!

I’m a graduate of the University of Portland with a BBA in Finance who loves all things finance and DIY!

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