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How To Make 4 X 4 Pumpkins

With a new (to us) home and projects galore, I knew I had to have something fun for fall but I also wanted it to be inexpensive. I remembered seeing 4 X 4 pumpkins and was ready to take on the challenge!

This project was created using little bits of time here and there. We had a table set up in the garage for cutting, sanding, and painting. Once the stem was attached, I moved the pumpkins indoors, to the kitchen island, where I could chat with my husband while creating!

These 4 X 4 Pumpkins have brightened our family room and porch and satisfied my desire for fun fall decorations in our new home!

4 x 4 Pumpkin Supplies

We had most of these supplies on hand. If you have to purchase a miter saw, this will no longer be a thrifty project. Fun but not thrifty.

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  • 4 x 4 fence post
  • Miter Saw
  • Sander or Sanding Block
  • Exterior Orange Paint
  • Sticks or Rope for stems
  • Jute
  • Green Wire
  • Fall Ribbon
  • Glue Gun

How To Make A 4X4 Pumpkin

Cut three blocks in graduated heights.

Use a miter saw to cut three different lengths from a 4 x 4. The smallest is a square and the other two are steps up from that. No need to measure. Just cut them to lengths that feel right to you!

4 X 4 Blocks

Sand your blocks.

Do a quick sand with a sander or sanding block. I like to soften the edges a bit, too.

Sanded Blocks

Paint your sanded blocks.

We had exterior orange paint on hand and painted just one coat. After the paint was dry, I sanded the edges a bit for a rustic look. If you don’t want the rustic look, you may want to use primer first since the paint soaks into the wood.

Orange blocks.

At this point, I asked my teenagers if these orange blocks looked like pumpkins and got an emphatic “NO, they look like orange blocks!”

Attach a pumpkin stem.

I used sticks from my yard and glued them on using a glue gun.

It would also work well to use rope, like I did on my 4 X 4 Firecrackers.

Making 4 x 4 pumpkins with sticks as stems.

Attach jute.

Cut 4 pieces of jute and tie them around the pumpkin stem. Then, fray the jute to give it a nice, full look.

4 x 4 pumpkin with frayed jute.

Create tendrils.

Wrap green wire around a pencil to make pumpkin tendrils. I used florist’s wire but I would use thicker wire next time.

Wrapping wire around a pencil for pumpkin tendrils.

Wrap the curled green wire around the pumpkin stem.

Adhering curled green wire to pumpkin stem.

Hot glue a festive bow to the stem.

4 x 4 pumpkin with a festive bow.

Once I completed this pumpkin, my son ran upstairs, glanced at the pumpkin and gasped, in shock, “it actually DOES look like a pumpkin!”

Pumpkins made out of 4X4's!

These 4 X 4 Pumpkins ended up being quite the thrifty fall project simply because we had a lot of the supplies on hand! They have brightened our home and porch and satisfied my desire for fall decorations!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.