Fun DIY House Projects You Can Do Too

When we sold our home of 13 years, we sold a third of our belongings in order to temporarily move into an apartment. We rented a small 7 X 10 storage unit and the rest fit into our apartment! That was a big feat! Now that we are in our new home, we have a lot of space and few belongings. The minimalist in me likes it that way BUT we do need furniture and a few decorations. 

Our daughter will be starting college soon so any extra money is being funneled to her college fund. 

That leaves us with very little to personalize our home. 

Because of this, I’ve decided to try my hand at woodworking. I’m a woodworker wanna be!

I will be sharing my house projects with you here. The trial and error, ups and downs, and what I’ve learned. 

I’ve found, so many times, projects are shared and the results are magnificent. Then, when you try to recreate the project, you run into all kinds of mishaps. What looks so simple in that YouTube video, isn’t quite so simple in real life. 

House Projects may seem daunting but once you tackle one, you'll be ready to use your creativity to keep going! House Projects DIY | House Projects Decor | House Projects Ideas | House Projects Wooden | House Projects Small | House Projects Indoor | House Projects Easy

House Projects

DIY King Size Farmhouse Bed

I had been dreaming of a King Size bed and now we had the house to put it in!

Find out what plans we used and modifications we made to those plans!


How To Build Closet Shelves

One of the closets in our new home was a designated wine closet. We aren’t big wine drinkers so we took the wine rack out and installed closet shelves that were inspired by a Street of Dreams home tour!

Here you will learn how to install your very own closet shelves!

We recently visited The Street Of Dreams and I noticed the homes had custom made closets. I had to learn How To Build Closet Shelves!

How To Make Wood Stain With Common Household Products

Did you know you could use vinegar to stain wood? Yep! Vinegar with steel wool soaked in it for 24 hours makes a stain. What about tea? I’m talking Lipton tea bags you use to make iced tea. While tea doesn’t do much to stain, it does increase the intensity of the vinegar stain for a darker finish. Who knew?

Check out our tried and true methods to stain wood with common household products.

How To Build A Mirror Frame

There was a nook in our house begging for a giant mirror. Not just any mirror though. It called for a rustic real wood mirror. The results are amazing!

Use this guide and adjust it to make the mirror size you need for your home!

Are you ready to start building? Learn how to build a mirror frame! This full length mirror will be a substantial piece in your home!


You could hire someone to tackle your house projects, buy premade stuff from the store, or settle for decorations at the local big box store BUT think of the satisfaction you will have when you’ve accomplished a task yourself! You will likely save money, get creative, and end up with exactly what you wanted!

There’s no better feeling! Well, maybe there is but creating something with your own two hands will give you the confidence to keep going!

Tackle those house projects! You’ll be glad you did!

More House Projects

House Projects DIY – A Pinterest Board full of project ideas for your home!


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