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DIY Garage Parking Aid – Park Perfect In The Garage Every Time

The ping pong table had to go. The days of playing ping pong inside the house were over. The perfect place to play is the garage! We rolled the ping pong table out and quickly realized just how tight it made the parking situation. Pulling in, I hoped and prayed I wouldn’t hit the beloved ping pong table or the bikes lined up in a row and yet, I must pull in far enough so the garage door will close. It was then that I remembered the tennis ball hanging as a Garage Parking Aid in my parents’ garage, guaranteeing they park perfect in the garage, every time.

Homemade Garage Parking Aid

You can park perfect in the garage, every time with a simple homemade garage parking aid. There is no need to spend a bunch of money on fancy contraptions when all you really need is fishing line, a tennis ball, and a few eye hooks. Hang your tennis ball from the garage ceiling with fishing line, let the ball barely rest on your windshield, above the steering wheel, and pull in to the perfect spot, every time.

Park Perfect In The Garage Every Time

Garage Parking Aid Supplies

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  • Fishing Line
  • Tennis Ball
  • Eye Hooks

How To Put The Perfect Garage Parking Aid Together

  1. With your car parked in the perfect spot, eyeball where the hook should go in the ceiling. There is a little wiggle room here as the tennis ball can hit just about anywhere on your windshield but preferably at eye level, above your steering wheel.
  2. Pull your car out.
  3. Tie the end of the fishing line to the eye hook that will go in the ceiling.
  4. Get out the ladder and screw the eye hook in to the predetermined spot.
  5. Pull your car back in, right where it should be parked.
  6. Screw an eye hook into the tennis ball.
  7. Tie the tennis ball at the length that just barely touches your windshield.

My view from the driver’s seat.

That is how you park perfect in the garage, every time! Now you can pull right in to the spot where your windshield almost touches the ball and you won’t ever have to get back in to move your car because the garage door wouldn’t shut.

Yep! The Tahoe is just a little dirty.

And THAT, my dear friends, is a tight squeeze!

The tennis ball will work for the vehicle it was sized up to. Any other vehicle, park at your own risk.

It’s also a good idea to turn off those windshield wipers before approaching the ball. Ask me how I know!

I can’t be responsible for eye hooks falling out of the ceiling and scratching your window or putting an eye out. Just sayin’ it works for us!

Our garage is full but with the homemade Garage Parking Aid, we can park without running into stuff or having to adjust our car.

Don’t like that tennis ball hanging when you’re working in the garage sans cars? Check out what this guy did with a pulley system.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.