New Home To Do List – Free Printable

We are working on four weeks since we moved into our new home and the to do’s seem endless. I had scratch paper everywhere! Shopping lists, who to call, stuff to clean, projects to plan, things to fix, what needed to be removed, and what I could sell. I had to get it all in one place to check off as I go. That’s when I created the New Home To Do List printable complete with boxes to check off things done, bought, or sold!

I gotta see it! Plus, my husband has always been a list guy. Write it down and he loves the satisfaction of checking it off!

New Home To Do List

It is imperative to get your new home to-do’s out of your head and on paper!

To Clean

Oh boy! Whether you buy new or used there will likely be cleaning to do.

  • baseboards
  • doors
  • cupboards
  • blinds
  • windows
  • ventilation fan covers
  • light fixtures
  • garage

From baseboards to light fixtures. It feels good to have it clean!

To Remove

Previous owners may have thought it was an excellent idea to leave their light-up magnifying mirror attached to the wall or what about those curtains that have seen better days? If you’re moving into a pre-owned home, there will certainly be things you want to remove to make the home more you!

To Fix

After living in a home for many years, you probably become immune to little nuisances but, when you purchase a home, you want stuff to work and be top-notch! This may mean filling nail holes and touching up paint. It could mean changing out outlet covers, restringing blinds, or calling in a professional to repair wiring.

To Call

You’re staring at an inspection report and the seller didn’t handle all of the shortcomings of the home so now it’s on your shoulders.

Who do you need to call?

  • handyman
  • electrician
  • plumber
  • AC guy
  • window covering person
  • deck specialist
  • garage door repair technician
  • roofer

To Sell

What if the sellers left their 120 bottle wine rack and you don’t drink wine? Sell it! Someone may even want those curtains you removed!

To Buy

This is the fun stuff! Light fixtures, paint, window coverings, furniture, and wall patch! What’s on your list?

Projects To Plan

Are you ready to make your new house a home? Put your personal touch on it with a fun project!

I have my eye on a stacked stone fireplace! I’m saving for that one!

After four weeks, I am overwhelmed with new home to-do’s and feel like there is so much to accomplish. Thankfully, I have my New Home To Do List that proves we have made progress and, although there is still much to do, we have cleaned, removed, fixed, called, sold, bought, and planned more than this clouded, stressed mind can remember. I have proof!

Give yourself clarity by utilizing our New Home To Do List free printable! You’ll be glad you did!

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