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How A Gym Membership Can Save You Money

It sounds ridiculous! A gym membership is usually the first to go when you implement cost saving measures. After all, you can always go for a walk or run. There ARE ways to stay in shape without paying the big bucks month after month for a gym membership. BUT what if I told you a gym membership can save you money? REAL money!

Cheap Entertainment

You read that right! Meet up with friends at the gym or consider it a date with your spouse! No need to meet up over fancy lunches, you have a gym where you can work out side-by-side and catch up with friends or family!

Date at the gym.

Builds Camaraderie

Believe it or not, when you get on a regular workout schedule, you will build friendships with people just by the sheer fact that you see them on a regular basis! How does that save money, you ask? Coming right up …

Ladies at the gym.
Man's hand on a barbell with the words: How A Gym Membership Saves Money

Get Real Referrals

I’m talking REAL referrals! How many times have you checked reviews for services or products and wondered if they were real or employees raving on their own company? You can’t help but wonder if the over the top review is from someone getting a hefty payout, right?

Because I’ve built friendships with gym goers, we talk. We talk about stuff going on in our lives and we may even get advice or real life reviews of companies they have used!

My daughter’s truck needed an oil change. Lo and behold, the shop told us her truck had engine problems and suggested we replace her engine at a hefty price. The mechanic even said he wouldn’t let his daughter drive a vehicle in that condition. I don’t remember the exact price to replace the engine but I do remember it was more than the truck was worth. We let the truck sit for fear of letting our daughter drive an unsafe vehicle UNTIL I talked to a few friends at the gym. Two gym friends referred me to the same mechanic who they knew was honest and would shoot us straight. I made the appointment, paid $600, and the truck is still running great a year later!

Three days after we moved into our new home, the air conditioner stopped working. After calling multiple companies, we were told it was likely the compressor and would cost upwards of $2,000 to fix. Since the system is 18 years old, we didn’t want to put $2,000 into it and began getting quotes for a new system. Friends at the gym suggested we call a company they use. Three different gym friends suggested the same company! Guess what? It was a $200 capacitor! We almost replaced an entire HVAC system for the cost of a capacitor.

Real life referrals from gym friends has saved us more times than I can count!

Mechanic giving a thumbs up.

Maintains Health

A little obvious, I know! A gym membership may cost you a monthly fee but how much are your healthy habits saving you in medical costs?

Workout Class

The next time you think your gym membership has to go, take into consideration how a gym membership can save you money, in the long run! It’s cheap entertainment where you build camaraderie with others who are willing to share information with you! Not only that, you can use those workout sessions to keep yourself in good health!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.