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People You Meet at the Gym

No matter how you choose to work out, you are doing something great for your health. If you happen to work out at a gym, the people you meet at the gym can be downright hilarious! The hubster, Steve, was motivated to write this post after yet another interesting workout. Enjoy!

I have been into working out my entire life. It began for me way back in high school. I was an athlete, so I always saw working out as a way to get better. As I grew up, working out continued to be a very big part of my life. I have had the opportunity to work out in gyms all over our country, as well as gyms in both Europe and Asia.

At the gym yesterday, I was resting between sets. As I looked around the gym, which was very crowded, I began to smile. I realized that no matter where you work out, or what type of gym you choose, you will always run into the same people.

Before I start, I don’t want to come off like some kind of gym snob! I will take a shot at myself in here as well. I will say that I have a degree in Exercise Science and, as a player or coach, have been around some very good strength and conditioning programs at the collegiate level.

Just remember, when you read my stuff, I live by the adage that I take everything serious, but nothing too serious. So, here is my take on the people you meet at the gym!

Guy and Girl working out at the gym with the words: People You Meet At The Gym

The Power Lifters

You know these people. They are the ones who take up a large portion of the gym with their bars and bags and such. They are the ones who are typically the loudest folks in the gym. You know, you have to really grunt and yell to get those big weights off the ground.

What I have found is that most use unbelievably bad technique! I worry they are going to truly hurt themselves.

I typically try to stay clear of the power lifters. If those weights land awkwardly on your foot, you could wind up with a nasty bruise.

Power Lifter

The Socialites

These are the individuals who come to the gym to “work out”! Typically, the only muscles getting worked out are their masseter muscle. Go ahead and google that one, I will wait …

The socialites are probably the individuals who bother me the most because it always seems they congregate around a machine I am waiting for. They look the part. They have on their workout gear, have a towel around their neck, some even wear gloves! But working out is strictly an option. It’s all about catching up!

People socializing at the gym.

The Cute Couple No One Can Stand

It’s Ken and Barbie over in the corner working out in their own little world. He is fit! She is even fitter! They are actually the nicest folks in the whole place but no one can stand them because, well … they are perfect.

Lots of giggles and googley eyes, but they are getting it done. They have to be getting it done right? How else are they staying so fit?

These two are in every gym, but often times go unnoticed. Take a close look, you will see them.

Couple working out at the gym.

The New Years Resolutioners

You see them every January. I always feel bad, because you just know some are not going to make it. You want them to make it, but the attrition rate for this group is high. Some of them have the “eye of the tiger” thing going. It is awesome! When you see them, give them some encouragement. I believe the world is a better place with healthier people.

Unfortunately, there are those who don’t make it. They have the same look in their eyes as some of those that I went through Basic Training with. It is just not going to happen for them. Hopefully, they start anew next year.

Girl working out.

The Really Loud Trainer Guys

One of my personal favorites. They are typically young, ambitious, and don’t know their butt from a bucket when it comes to training people.

Of all the people you meet in the gym, these are the most dangerous.

A little PSA here: Please check out the credentials of anyone you are considering as a personal trainer!!!!! At a minimum, they should be certified by a reputable agency. You can google Certified Personal Trainers and get a litany of info. I am a little bias. As I said, I have a degree in Exercise Science and, over the years, have been a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Personally, a paper and pencil certification does not cut it for me. If someone is not required to take a class, pass an exam, and take continuing education to maintain their cert, then I would look elsewhere.

You will know the trainers in the gym who know the least, because they are often the loudest. HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THAT NEW SUPPLEMENT AT GNC? IT IS SUPPOSED TO GET YOU JACKED!! THAT’S IT! FIVE MORE REPS!

Loud trainer at the gym.

The Rob Lowe ‘Meat Head Guys’

Have you seen the Direct TV commercials? The ‘Meat Head’ guy is my favorite.

If you have been around gyms at all, you know exactly who these gentlemen are. Lots of ‘Dude’, ‘Bro’ or the alternative ‘Bruh’, and lots of chemically enhanced muscle tissue. Now sure, not all of them are doing steroids, but I was a college football player. I know what an individual looks like when they are on the juice. One of my roommates was the biggest juice head on the team! Disclaimer! I thought about some chemical enhancement myself back in the day, but never could bring myself to do it. Not that I was a choir boy, it’s just that they are not cheap. Plus there is that whole fear of needles thing!

Back to the Meat Heads. Personally, I love them. They are just as loud as the trainers who don’t know anything, so they bring an element of free entertainment to the gym.

Muscle guy with a funny look on his face.

The ‘Meat Heads in Training’

These are the individuals who have not reached meat head status, just yet. These individuals are easy to distinguish from the rest of the gym patrons because they have ILS. ILS or IMAGINARY LAT SYNDROME can be spotted from clear across the gym.

You may laugh, but you know exactly who I am talking about. They walk around all puffed up! The only problem is, there is a bunch of daylight where their Lats are supposed to be.

Oftentimes, individuals with ILS will have this funny little strut that accompanies the syndrome. ILS and a strut is a really bad combination! When I see these fellas, I want to walk up behind them and pull their arms down to their sides. Close the gap so to speak.

Don’t worry fellas, keep working hard. Some day those lats will come in!

Muscle guy at the gym.

And finally, there’s me …

The Ear Buds In, Leave Me The Heck Alone Dude

Yep, people probably think I am a total anti-social person! That is ok, I can live with that.

The reality is, the gym is an escape for me. I can throw in my ear buds, dial up my workout mix (which by the way is OUTSTANDING!), and get after it. I only have a given amount of time to work out and I want to make the most of it.

The ear bud folks are our own little tribe. When we see each other, we simply give each other a head nod and keep going. We respect each others mission and try not to interrupt it. Oftentimes, we run into each other as we are walking to our cars. This is great time to say hi, catch up, etc. But in the gym, it is strictly business. We want to avoid getting injured by the power lifter guys, get our workout done, and get home!

Man lifting weights with ear buds in.

Well there you have it! The people you meet at the gym. I would love to know if I left anyone out.

Chime in! Let me know!

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