2024 Dream Sheet

Write your dreams on the 2024 Dream Sheet. Next year, take a look at your Dream Sheet and be amazed that you actually DID accomplish stuff and realize, the stuff you didn’t, might not be too important after all.

Dare To Dream

A while back, I read the book: Living Well Spending Less. There were a few things that resonated and stuck with me.

  • The Dream comes first. Ridiculous dreams. Dreams that seem impossible. If nothing stood in your way, what would you do? When you have the freedom to dream, you create a road map for your future. Take time to dream!
  • How do you eat an elephant? That dream that is so big, you can’t figure out where to start. One bite at a time. One chunk at a time.
  • Write it down! Put those dreams on paper and break it down into manageable chunks.
  • What do you love? Where is your sweet spot? The intersection where your passion meets your greatest strength. This is the intersection where we are truly at our greatest self.

One year, I took my resolutions off the corkboard, inside the kitchen cabinet. The ones that had been staring me in the face reminding me of my failures. I sat down and revisited those resolutions and faced them head-on. I was quite surprised to discover it wasn’t so bad after all!

The big resolution that haunted me all year was really the only big failure. I realized I hadn’t cut that elephant up into chunks. The other resolutions were fluffy stuff like reflecting on what I’m grateful for each day, keeping hope, and seeing situations and people through God’s eyes. While admirable, I wanted more. So, I took time to DREAM!

I came up with ten categories and aimed to write two goals for each category:

  • Physical: The normal resolutions type stuff. You know, the ones where you resolve to work out every day of the year or lose weight.
  • Financial: This is a popular one.
  • Spiritual: How can you improve your spiritual life?
  • For the Home: There’s always something that needs to be done. Write it down!
  • Mental: How will you exercise your mind this year?
  • Family Life: What do you want to do as a family this year? Eat dinners together more often? Play video games as a family? Attend special events?
  • Things to Try: We all need to push ourselves to experience something new.
  • Dreams: Dreams are where it all starts! Let loose. Dream a little!
  • Material Desires: So many of us are trying to simplify and live a minimalist life but we all have a few materialistic things we want and that’s okay! It’s quite gratifying to look over your list at the end of the year and realize you’ve acquired a few!
  • Goals in Common: These are goals you want to work towards as a family. Goals that every family member is on board with and excited about!

Do you ever feel like you take two steps forward and five steps back? You feel like nothing is ever accomplished and you’re just barely able to keep your head above water. You know what? There’s HOPE! Put your dreams in writing. Then, next year, take a look at your Dream Sheet and be amazed that you DID accomplish stuff and realize, the stuff you didn’t, might not be too important after all.

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Dream Sheet Supplies

How To Use The 2024 Dream Sheet

Write words in each section to express the dreams you have for 2024! I will list a few ideas for each section in order to get your creative juices flowing.


It’s important to take the time to take care of ourselves! If time was no object, what would you do to take care of the body you’ve been given?

  • work out three times a week
  • sign up to play a sport
  • walk every day
  • take supplements
  • eat whole foods

Stuff I Want

We all want stuff, right? Sometimes it seems like we never get what we want. Write down the desires of your heart. Next year you will likely discover you’ve accumulated some of that stuff and some of it might not be important anymore.

A MacBook Pro has been on my Dream Sheet since 2015. It’s something I can certainly live without but it will continue to make the list until it becomes a reality!

  • new house
  • camera
  • MacBook Pro
  • iPhone
  • new outfit


This is a BIG one! What could you do to feel financially secure? It might not seem possible but this is your space to dream.

  • pay off credit card debt
  • pay off car
  • earn $500 extra per month
  • reduce electric bill
  • give to others

For The Home

If money were no object, what would you do to make your home the oasis you’d love it to be?

  • new couch
  • replace floors
  • remodel bathroom
  • decorate bedroom

It’s funny how I look at my Dream Sheets from years past and realize we have accomplished dreams we had for our home. Oh, how easy we forget!

Back in 2018, I had hoped to get a king-size bed.

Guess what? I built a DIY King Size Farmhouse Bed and was able to check that dream off my list!

Family Life

What would you like to do together as a family? Put it on paper and see what happens!

  • hang out together more
  • work out together
  • work on family scrapbooks
  • play a game once a week

Things To Try

It’s always exciting to try new things! What would you like to try?

  • try a new hobby (name the hobby)
  • new hairstyle
  • learn something new (name it)
  • start a new routine
  • check out a new activity (name it)


This is your chance to get crazy! If you could have anything, what would it be?

  • a new house
  • a massive road trip
  • financial stability
  • retirement


Get in touch with your spiritual side!

  • love more
  • read devotions
  • stay positive


Your mental health is important. What can you do to stay sharp and live a happy life?

  • exercise mind by (name it)
  • focus on good things
  • laugh a lot
  • rejoice in failure
  • surround yourself with positive people

Dreams In Common

This is the section where you compare your dreams to your spouse and kids. What dreams do you all have in common?

  • take a vacation
  • financial freedom
  • hang out together more

Let yourself dream! Record your dreams as evidence of how far you’ve come! Your future self will thank you for it! There is no pressure, just history in the making. You can handle that!

Get your 2024 Dream Sheet Printable here!

The Dream Sheet comes in color or black and white!

2024 Dream Sheet

2024 Dreams sheets.

All in all, it was inspiring and motivational to sit down and look at goals. It was actually quite FUN!

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  1. Thank you, I need the positivity of this post today, as the future was looking a bit bleak. Your site is my happy addiction. I love the printables and posts, it allows me to turn towards the positive outlook and makes the things that hinder me seem less like insurmountable obstacles. Thank you again.

    1. @Colleen, thank you so much for sharing! You totally made my day!!! It is my mission to share a little sunshine and I’m so happy to read your words! Thank you for your support!

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