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New Year’s Trivia Questions And Answers + Game Cards

Whether you’re hosting a party, celebrating with friends, or hanging out in your living room, these New Year’s Trivia Questions and Answers will help you exercise your New Year’s knowledge and give you something festive to do while you wait for the ball to drop.

New Year’s Trivia Questions and Answers

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  1. In 1907, the New Year’s Eve Ball first dropped where? Times Square
  2. In 2007, what kind of lights first appeared on the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball? LED Lights
  3. There are 2,688 of what shape on the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball? Triangles
  4. How many versions have there been of the New Year’s Eve Ball? Seven
  5. One hundred of what covered the first Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball? Light Bulbs
  6. What is the diameter of the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball? 12 Feet
  7. The first Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball weighed how much? 700 Pounds
  8. The first Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball was made of what? Iron and Wood
  9. The triangles on the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball are made from Waterford _________? Crystals
  10. The numerals on the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball are how tall? Seven Feet
  11. The New York Times sponsored the first ever what in Times Square? New Year’s Eve Party
  12. About one ton of this is dropped in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. What is it? Confetti
  13. About one billion people watch this event on television each year. What event is it? Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop
  14. What is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions? To Exercise More and/or Lose Weight
  15. The Dutch believe eating what on New Year’s Day will bring good luck? Donuts
  16. In what country are 12 grapes eaten at one minute before midnight on New Year’s Eve for good luck? Spain
  17. On average, 11,293 babies are born on what date each year? January 1st
  18. What food do people from the Southern United States eat for good luck on New Year’s Eve? Black-Eyed Peas
  19. The roman god, Janus, the god of beginnings, has a month named after her. What month is it? January
  20. Ads for this product were banned from American television on January 1, 1971. What product was it? Cigarettes
  21. In America, it is traditional to sing “Auld Lang Syne” at midnight on New Year’s Eve. What is another popular tradition? To Kiss
  22. One of the largest New Year’s Eve celebrations takes place in what Australian city? Sydney
  23. In the ancient country of Persia, what food was given as gifts on New Year’s Day? Eggs
  24. In 1890, this event was held in Pasadena, California for the first time. What even is it? Tournament of Roses
  25. On January 1, 1962, this British band had a big audition with the record label, Decca, but didn’t get signed. What band was it? The Beatles
  26. In Scotland, on New Year’s Eve, who do you kiss at midnight? Everyone In The Room
  27. In New York, you’re supposed to smash what for good luck in the New Year? A Peppermint Pig
  28. In 1904, what was used for the first time to celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York? Fireworks
  29. About 360 million glasses of this drink are served in the United States each New Year’s Eve. What drink is it? Champagne
  30. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, what is stolen more on New Year’s Eve than any other time of the year? Cars
  31. In some states, this company will tow your car and give you a ride home, free, on New Year’s Eve to reduce drunk driving. What company is it? AAA
  32. In Japan, you’re supposed to eat long noodles on New Year’s Day to ensure what for yourself? A Long Life
  33. The Waterford Crystal Ball begins its traditional descent from the top of a building in New York City’s Time Square at what time? 11:50 PM
  34. In what country is it the tradition to throw out old clothes, furniture, and dishes on New Year’s Eve in order to have more wealth and luck in the New Year? Italy
  35. On New Year’s Day, the head of the household in Greece throws a pomegranate at the wall for what reason? To Bring Peace And Prosperity To The Home
  36. Name one of the five most common resolutions. Health, Financial, Relationship, Bad Habits, Educational
  37. After a fireworks ban, due to burning embers falling on the crowd in previous years, what was lowered down a flagpole in New York’s Time Square? New Year’s Eve Ball
  38. What is a New Year’s Eve Tradition that’s meant to scare off evil spirits? Setting Off Fireworks
  39. Who is the mascot for New Year’s Eve? Baby New Year
  40. Instead of a ball, what do they drop in Hershey, Pennsylvania each New Year’s Eve? A Giant Chocolate Kiss
  41. What is the translation of the title of the song “Auld Lang Syne”? Times Gone By or For Old Times Sake
  42. The song “Auld Lang Syne” was originally written as what? A Poem
  43. Guy Lombardo was the first broadcast host of what? Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration
  44. What is the Times Square Ball made of? Waterford Crystals
  45. This Geodesic Sphere, made up of Waterford Crystals is better known as what? The Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball
  46. In 2008, this was installed in Times Square to be displayed year-round. What is it? The Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball
  47. What is written on the confetti that falls through the air when the New Year’s Eve Ball drops each year? The Wishes Of People In Attendance
  48. In Cuba, people fill all the dishes in their house with water on New Year’s Eve, then throw it into the streets for what reason? To Wash Away Any Mistakes Of The Past Year

Resources used for New Year’s Eve Trivia: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Parade, Icebreaker Ideas, Romper

Printable New Year's Trivia Cards.

New Year’s Trivia Game

Turn these New Year’s Trivia Questions into a festive game to play!

The New Year’s Trivia Game Includes The Following

  • New Year’s Trivia Rules
  • 6 pages of Trivia Cards (8 per page) for a total of 48 New Year’s Trivia Cards

How To Get The Game Ready

  1. Print the New Year’s Trivia Game on card stock.
  2. Cut the Trivia Cards. (I like to use a corner rounder punch on my cards.)

How To Play

  1. Choose one person to read the New Year’s Trivia Questions.
  2. The first person who answers the question, correctly, gets the Trivia Card.
  3. The person with the most New Year’s Trivia Cards, at the end, wins!

Game Prize Ideas

The person holding the most cards, at the end, wins! But what do they win?

Here are a few game prize ideas:

  • Gift Card – A gift card to Target or a local favorite business is always a hit. I usually purchase a $10 gift card. It’s super simple, for me, and worth working a bit for, for guests.
  • Sparklers – Help the trivia winner celebrate midnight with their very own sparklers.
  • Planner – With a new year, a new planner could be very helpful.
  • Sparkling Cider or Champagne – To share at midnight!
  • Disco Lights – Who wouldn’t want to turn on Disco Lights and start a dance party?

Get Your Printable New Year’s Trivia Game Cards Here

Print the New Year’s Trivia Game, right at home!

Printable New Year's Trivia Game

Include New Year’s Trivia to make this New Year’s Eve one to remember!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.