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Teacher Appreciation Gift Box Idea

If you’re looking for a way to spoil a teacher, these teacher appreciation gift box printables are a fun way to celebrate how awesome your teacher is! From colorful box décor to engaging activity sheets and a thank-you note, each page has been designed to express gratitude. Whether you’re a student ready to show appreciation or a parent looking to make a meaningful gesture, this teacher appreciation printable set is designed to make saying THANK YOU as special as the teachers who inspire us.

Teacher appreciation box.

What Should You Put In A Teacher Appreciation Box?

A teacher appreciation box is a lot like a care package you would send to your college student. Fill the box with things you think the teacher would love! My husband is a principal of a middle school so I took him shopping to help me find things teachers would like to get as a gift.

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  • Box – I usually use Priority Mail boxes from USPS for care packages but since the teacher appreciation box will not be sent through the mail system, I purchased this box and it was the perfect size.
  • Snacks – Everyone loves a few pre-packaged snacks. We chose trail mix, cookies, and microwave popcorn with a printable tag!
  • Gift Card – Most teachers would appreciate a gift card to a local coffee stand.
  • Office Supplies – There’s something about office supplies and I’ve learned that teachers love Flair Felt Tip Pens so I paired them with a cute journal and Post-it Notes.
  • Box Flap Decor – Dress your box up to make your or your child’s teacher feel celebrated!
  • Activity Sheet – Who doesn’t love a word search and crossword puzzle? This activity sheet is just right for teachers with a crossword puzzle with words that relate to school and a word search that contains words that describe a teacher. My principal husband always has a crossword puzzle nearby so I know activity sheets aren’t just for kids.
  • Thank You Coloring Page – This coloring page is perfect for kids who would like to warm their teacher’s heart by filling in the spaces all about their teacher.
  • Thank You Card – A handwritten note by a student or parent is always treasured by teachers. The teacher appreciation pack includes a card to color and a ready-to-go thank you card.

Get Your Teacher Appreciation Box Printables Here

Click the link below to get a closer look at the teacher appreciation box printables.

Teacher appreciation gift box printable pages.

What’s Included In This Printable Set?

  • Two Sizes Of Box Flap Decor For 3-1/2″ & 4″ box flaps (or larger)
  • Teacher Appreciation Popcorn Tag
  • Teacher Thank You Coloring Page
  • Teacher Activity Pages And Answer Sheets (includes a crossword puzzle, word search, and more)
  • Thank You For Being My Teacher Card – Fits in an A2 envelope. (two options – one to color, the other ready to go)

How To Assemble Your Teacher Appreciation Box

  1. Print the Teacher Appreciation Box Printables on card stock. There are 2 options for box décor – 1 for large 4” box flaps and 1 for small 3-1/2” box flaps.
  2. Cut the box décor.
  3. Use an adhesive applicator to adhere the box décor to the inside flaps of your box.
  4. Place the Teacher Activity Sheet in the bottom of your box.
  5. Fill out the Thank You For Being My Teacher Sheet and place it in the bottom of your box. This sheet is great for kids!
  6. Fill your Teacher Appreciation Box with things your teacher would love (Post-it Notes, Flair Felt Tip Pens, their favorite snacks, a gift card, etc.).
  7. Attach a Popcorn Tag to microwave popcorn, using jute, and add it to the top of your box.
  8. Write a note on the Thank You Card and place it in your box.
  9. Deliver your Teacher Appreciation Box to help your teacher celebrate how awesome they are!

Every detail you put into your teacher appreciation box reflects the gratitude and admiration you hold for your or your child’s teacher. Your gesture will brighten their day and remind them of the profound impact they have on their students’ lives.

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