All About My Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page Printable

This all about my teacher coloring page printable is a fun way for kids to share what they love about their teacher. They can write about what their teacher is great at, describe them in three words, and share why they’re such a good teacher. There’s also space to write about what they’ve learned and how their teacher has helped them. Plus, they can color the page to make it colorful and bright!

My husband is now a principal but was a teacher for many years and it was notes like this that always made it to a save file! Once in a while, he looks back at them to remind him why he loves to work in education.

Teacher appreciation coloring page.

What’s Included On The Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page

The Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page includes fun shapes to write in for the following things:

  • Teacher’s Name (in the pencil)
  • You’re a good teacher because …
  • You are really good at …
  • Three words I would use to describe you …
  • I liked learning about …
  • My favorite thing about you is …
  • You have helped me …
  • From

This Teacher Coloring Page is also available in the Teacher Appreciation Gift Box Printable Set!

This coloring page is one way to share how much you appreciate your or your child’s teacher and what makes them special. It is this kind of gift that sustains teachers on rough days.

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