Gift Ideas For A 17 Year Old Girl

The 17 year old girl has college on her mind. She’s been filling out applications, writing essays, and embracing her senior year of high school. It won’t be long until she is in a dorm room and making a life on her own for the very first time. Gift Ideas for a 17 year old girl aren’t hard to find.

The 17 year old girl has college on her mind. She's been filling out applications, writing essays, and embracing her senior year of high school. It won't be long until she is in a dorm room and making a life on her own for the very first time. Gift Ideas for a 17 year old girl aren't hard to find. #17yearoldgirl #collegebound #giftideasfora17yearold

Gift Ideas For A 17 Year Old Girl

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The last few weeks have been filled with all things college related. The FAFSA, essays, college applications, the Target College Registry, and the stress of paying for it all!

Did you catch that? Target actually has a Registry for College! Yay!

I’m stoked that my senior in high school is thinking about what she will need for her dorm room and is creating a registry on the Target website for my convenience!

The cool thing is that Target has a Universal Registry.

That means you can download a bookmark and add stuff to your registry from other stores too. Not just Target. WIN!

Bonus: We just received an email from Target for 15% off her Target Registry items! This isn’t a coupon you have to use in three days. Nope! We have a whole six months!

Can you tell I’m excited?

Our very own 17 Year Old Girl found this handy dandy College Dorm Checklist and set to work creating a College Registry through Target!


How fun to create a space your College Freshman will love! A fun comforter of her choice will help her feel right at home!

Throw Blanket

Everyone needs a throw blanket to wrap around themselves on chilly days!

Gift Ideas for 17 Year Olds

Honeywell Security Box

Your college bound 17 year old girl will need a way to secure her things in her dorm room. This Honeywell Fire Resistant Steel Security Box comes with a secure cable tether, two keys, and a convenient carry handle!

Ida 21″ Desk Lamp

Because your 17 year old will be doing a LOT of studying in college, a desk lamp is a must have!

Gift Ideas For A 17 Year Old Girl

Desk Organizer

Help the College Freshman in your life get organized with this Desk Organizer.

Gift Ideas For 17 Year Old Girls


Magazine File

A Magazine File will serve as a great tool to organize the College Freshman’s work!Gift Ideas for High School Seniors

Flash Drive

A Flash Drive is a must have for college students to save their work.Gift Ideas For A 17 Year Old


A basic that is convenient to have!

Tape Dispenser

Another basic item your Student will be happy you thought of.

Binder Clips

Not only are they fun, they’re functional!

Bulletin Board

A way to organize all the little stuff you don’t know where to put but have to remember.


Because they go with the Bulletin Board!

Dry Erase Board

A quick way to communicate with roommates and to keep track of dates.

Dry Erase Starter Set

The right stuff for a Dry Erase Board!

Beginner’s Sew Kit

You’re always there for your kids when they need you. Now that they are on their own, they need the right tools to see them through. Do you remember your first Sewing Kit?

Gift Ideas for the College Bound Senior

First Aid Kit

Rest assured your college bound student will have what they need, when they need it!

Gift Ideas For A 17 Year Old Girl


Just in case the roommate snores or is all kinds of loud.

Mini Refrigerator

Although a meal plan is in your College Freshman’s future, snacks and beverages of their own are paramount!

Gift Ideas For A College Bound Senior

Brita Water Filter

Clean drinking water for the College Bound student will encourage them to stay hydrated.

Gift Ideas For A 17 Year Old Girl

Can Opener

You never know when you need one and, when you do, you’ll be glad you have it!


A few plates of their own will serve the College Student well!

Gift Ideas for the 17 Year Old GirlBowls

A quick bowl of cereal? How about late night soup? Of course, there’s ice cream too!

Gift Ideas For A 17 Year Old

Coffee Mug

For the coffee drinkers heading to college!

Gift Ideas for A 17 Year Old


A creature comfort of home! A microwave will open possibilities of what’s for dinner!

Gift Ideas For 17 Year OldsStep Stool

This step stool is compact enough when folded yet willing to work hard when needed!Gift Ideas For 17 Year Old Girls


Help your College Bound Student keep their dorm room clean!17 Year Old Girl


Everyone needs a place to throw stuff away! This super simple wastebasket does the job!Gift Ideas For 17 Year Old

Weekender Bag

Because we all want our kids to come home!

Gift Ideas For 17 Year Olds

Laundry Basket

Clothes piled on the floor? No way! Not with this awesome Laundry Basket that travels easy!

Gift Ideas for Dorm Room

Shower Caddy

This Shower Caddy will keep your Student’s necessities in one convenient spot!17 Year Old


A cozy robe? Yes, please!

Flip Flops

Community showers? No problem! Flip Flops to the rescue.

Full Length Mirror

To check yourself before you go out the door!


White noise is where it’s at! Plus, your College Student may need to cool off!Gift Ideas For 17 Year Old


A nice compact umbrella makes traversing a college campus, in the rain, a breeze.Gift Ideas For 17 Year Old Girls

Oh, Man! I know sending my 17 Year Old off to College is going to be hard.

Hopefully, we can set her up with the creature comforts of home and know she will be okay.

These Gift Ideas For 17 Year Old Girls are a step in the right direction.

I’m trying to convince myself!

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