How To Make Beaded Socks

Beaded socks for our little girls are so much fun! When my daughter was born, a friend made beaded socks for her. I loved them so much that I enlisted my sister-in-law (who is all things crafty) to teach me how to make beaded socks. The first pair I made took hours. As time went on and I practiced a LOT … I was able to make a pair of beaded socks in about 30 minutes.

My daughter was outfitted in beaded socks until she decided she was just too old for them.

I think my daughter learned to walk at ten months because of the noise the beads make. Now that’s not scientific at all but it’s my theory!

Image of beaded socks, crochet thread, and beads with the words: How To Make Beaded Socks

Beaded socks have been a huge money saver for us over the years as they have been my go-to gift for just about every baby girl shower. Thirteen years later, I’m still saving money and they take about 30 minutes a pair to create!

Beads, embroidery thread, crochet hook, and a pair of beaded socks.

Supplies for Beaded Socks

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How to make Beaded Socks

  1. Pick the colors you would like to use and place them in the order you desire.
Beads for beaded socks.

If you know how to chain stitch, you can do this! Chain stitching is all I know about crochet so you won’t hear any kind of crochet lingo from me. Just a straightforward description.

2. Take one sock, unfold the cuff, and push the hook through from the inside about 1/4 inch from the edge of the sock.

3. Using your left hand to hold the crochet thread, pull a loop through the sock (leaving a tail on the outside) and chain stitch three times.

4. Place your first bead, right over the hook, wrap the thread around the top of the hook, and pull the thread through the bead and loop to attach the bead (there should only be one loop on the hook).

Bead and embroidery thread on crochet hook for beaded socks.

5. Chain stitch three more times.

Chain Stitch with bead for beaded socks.

6. Move to the next ridge (of ribbing) in the sock and push your hook through.

Attach chain stitch to sock for beaded socks.

7. Grab a stitch, pull through the sock and loop (one loop left on the hook), and chain three times, attach a bead, stitch three, and attach to the sock.

8. Keep repeating these steps until you are around the entire edge of the sock.

9. Attach your last stitch to the sock, pull through the sock and loop, make a large loop (about four inches), and cut at the end of the loop so you have a four-inch thread left.

Tying off crochet thread for beaded socks.

10. Tie the finishing end off with the beginning end (knot about four times) and you’re done!

Finished Beaded Socks

These socks wash and dry well, however, you may want to use a mesh bag so the beads don’t get caught in your appliances. Yes, I learned the hard way.

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  1. Have done the same thing with the Tri beads… Everyone loves them! How awesome of you to do a tutorial! Great job!

  2. They are so cute – my friend has just had a baby girl so I am going to try some of these – thank you for sharing Sandy 🙂

  3. These little sock are toooooo adorable! Both of my children are boys so, everyone I know that has a baby girl gets shiny red shoes and cute little socks for shower presents.

  4. What a great tutorial. I can see why the sound would make any baby ready to walk. Just like little pair of maracas!

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