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You need a visual of exactly how much you owe and the interest you pay each month, in order to motivate you to do something about it! The Debt Boss Worksheet is here to help!

  • Record up to 3 debts on one worksheet, for an entire year. Print as many worksheets as you need.
  • Know your Credit Limit so you don’t find yourself blushing of embarrassment, over a declined card.
  • Keep tabs on your interest rates so you can make informed decisions on what to pay off first.
  • Track your monthly balances to be sure you’re making progress.
  • Face the interest you pay each month so you’ll be horrified enough to do something about it.

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Having a visual of exactly how much you owe is an excellent motivator to stay on track. The debt Boss will help keep you organized, at a glance.

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Lady with her hands in the air and a Debt Boss Worksheet