Create Your Own Monster Activity

This Create Your Own Monster activity is a festive way to celebrate Halloween with family and friends and is the perfect addition to a Halloween party or even a monster-themed Birthday party!

The Build Your Own Monster Activity PDF includes the following:

  • Five Monster Bodies
  • Three Pages Of Monster Parts
  • Monster Name Cards
  • Vote For Your Favorite Monsters Sign
  • Vote For Your Favorite Monsters Voting Cards
  • Monster Awards In Color Or Black And White 
Create your own monster printable sheets.

How To Use The Create Your Own Monster Printables

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  1. Print the Create Your Own Monster sheets on card stock. Print as many as you need.
  2. Cut the monster pieces, in advance, or have the monster creators cut them.
  3. Provide the supplies needed to create your own monster: monster elements, scissors, tape runner, and monster name cards.
  4. Watch, in awe, as monsters are created.
  5. Have each person name their monster.
  6. Display the monsters, with their names, for all to see.
  7. Provide voting cards so everyone can vote on the funniest, silliest, scariest, cutest, or most original monsters!
  8. Present monster creators with their awards!
Silly monster created with build your own monster printables.
Funny monster created from the create your own monster printables.

Get Your Create Your Own Monster Activity PDF Here

These cute little monsters are so fun to make, you’ll find yourself wanting to make a few, yourself!

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