Pay It Forward In Style With Sunshine Cards!

Imagine going to your local espresso stand with the desire to spread joy to those around you! You pull out a Sunshine Card and five dollar bill and ask the barista to give the card and a free drink to the person in line behind you!

The person behind you in line at your local espresso stand had an incredibly hard time waking up this morning because the dog in the apartment above them was barking all. night. long. He was ready for a day of drudgery but YOU, YOU brought Joy to his morning with a free drink and Sunshine Card!

Wherever you are, whatever you do, YOU have the power to share joy with those around you! YOU have the power to change someone’s day! Sunshine Cards will help you spread joy with style!

Print your own set of our FREE Printable Sunshine Cards and get ready to pay it forward in style when an opportunity presents itself!

Pay It Forward In Style With Sunshine Cards

You’re in! You’re ready to spread JOY, but how?

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Print Sunshine Cards

Use our free printable Sunshine Cards and print off your own set of cards on cardstock so you are ready when an opportunity presents itself!

You can spread joy in style with the extra touch of a Sunshine Card!

Click on the picture below and a pdf will pop up just for you!Pay it forward Sunshine Cards

Watch For Opportunities To Spread Joy

Opportunities to spread joy are limitless! I’ve listed a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Espresso Stand

Hand the barista a Sunshine Card and $5 to pay for the car behind you!

Fast Food Establishment

You may not even eat fast food. It doesn’t matter! Get in line and pay for the car behind you!

Car Wash

How fun would it be to pay for a stranger’s car wash and brighten their car and their day?


You may not know how much a person’s medication will be but you could put a little something towards it and brighten their day!

Or, you could start a flash mob and brighten someone’s day right at the pharmacy counter! Yep! Just happened to me! It was the BEST!

Homeless Person

If you want to bless a homeless person with a little cash, how about adding a little Sunshine Card right along with it?

If you feel extra generous you may even spread joy in a BIG way!

Grocery Store

How shocked would a recipient be when they go to pay for their groceries and are handed a Sunshine Card instead? Woah!


Car issues never happen at the right time. What if you went to your favorite shop and paid a bill in full? THAT would be cool!


Could you imagine heading to your apartment’s office with a rent check and the office manager hands you a Sunshine Card with encouraging words and tells you rent is paid in full? You might just pass out right there!


Have you heard the stories of people paying layaways in full before the Holidays? You could do it too! Just one item on layaway would mean the world to someone!


The sky is the limit! Whether you spread joy in big or small ways, you are sure to turn someone’s day around with your generosity and Sunshine Cards!


Let’s start a JOY revolution!

I challenge you to print Sunshine Cards and turn someone’s frown upside down in the next 7 days!

Are YOU in?

You may be surprised to find your own spirit filled with sunshine!


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Print your own set of our FREE Printable Sunshine Cards and get ready to pay it forward in style when an opportunity presents itself!
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  • kay ~ the barefoot minimalist Apr 4, 2017, 2:47 pm

    These are such wonderful ideas! You are the BEST Jayleen! 😀

  • Sunshine and Rainy Days Apr 5, 2017, 10:47 am

    Ah! Thank you, Kay!