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Organizing And Decorating A Teenage Girl’s Room

Organizing and decorating a teenage girl’s room can be a lot of fun! It gives you a chance to work with your daughter, as she discovers her own sense of style! You’ll also learn a lot about the way she thinks of decluttering. This is her room and you get to work, as her assistant, to help her create a room that she loves!

How To Decorate A Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

The trick to helping your teenage daughter design her room is to put your own decorating tastes on hold while your teenager discovers her own style. It’s so much fun to watch your teen create a space that she loves and can call her own.

Find Inspiration

Your daughter may have found a rug she loves and wants to build her room around that. Maybe there’s a throw pillow or artwork that has the perfect color combinations that she loves. It could be that she’s found a chair she wants to incorporate into her room. Take that piece of inspiration and build onto it, to come up with the perfect room for her!

Create A Detailed Project Plan

With your teenager’s inspiration in mind, create a detailed project plan so you can get all of her ideas out, on paper.

Supplies Needed

This is where you’ll list the supplies you’ll need to complete your teen’s room makeover. It could be anything from paint to paint supplies or the chair from downstairs. Here’s what your Supplies Needed list might look like:

  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint Roller
  • Paint Tray
  • Drop Cloth
  • Bed Linens
  • Curtains
  • Light Fixture
  • Chair

Step By Step

List the steps you will take to decorate your daughter’s room. Those steps could look like this:

  1. Organize Closet
  2. Choose Room Inspiration
  3. Pick A Paint Color
  4. Purchase New Bed Linens & Curtains
  5. Buy A New Light Fixture
  6. Clear The Room Of Everything But Large Furniture
  7. Paint The Room
  8. Install Light Fixture
  9. Arrange Furniture
  10. Add Items She Wants To Keep, Back To The Room

To Buy

This is your shopping list, created from your Supplies Needed list. You may already have a lot of the supplies you need, for your daughter’s room makeover, and there might be a few things you need to purchase. Your To Buy list might look like this:

  • Paint
  • Bed Linens
  • Curtains
  • Light Fixture


Write out any additional ideas or thoughts about the room that you will want to remember, later.


Take your daughter shopping or shop online for the items you need, to decorate her room! Make sure she is happy with her choices and be flexible, if she changes her mind.

Do The Work!

Once you know your inspiration, have a plan, and have purchased the supplies you need, it’s time for you to get to work, alongside your daughter!

  • Paint The Walls
  • Clean The Baseboards, Window, And Floors
  • Hang The Curtains
  • Install Your New Light Fixture

Arrange The Furniture

In every room you decorate, choose a focal point. Usually, in a bedroom, that focal point would be the bed and artwork above the bed. It’s the spot that draws your eye as soon as you enter the room. When you stand in the doorway of your daughter’s room, your eye should be drawn to the bed. That means that the head of the bed, and artwork above it, should be visible from the door. If possible, center the bed on a wall, leaving both sides open so it’s easier to make the bed.

Teenage girl's room organized and decorated.

It’s also nice to have visual appeal, from the hallway, using different heights and textures.

Teenage girl's room decor.

I love this view, of Justine’s room, from the hall! It makes me happy, every time I walk by!

Justine picked out everything for her room, herself, right down to the paint color. We felt it was important for her to make the decorating decisions for her own space and she did an awesome job decorating her room, just the way she likes it!

Teenage Girl Room Organization Ideas

Justine is responsible for keeping her own room clean. She has her own little vacuum and straightens and dusts, each week. About twice a year, I help her deep clean her room. Justine is always super helpful when it comes to organizing her room!

Organizing and decorating a teenage girl's room!

Storage Ideas For A Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

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Closet System

Closet systems make it easy to store a lot of stuff, right in your teenager’s own closet! You can even customize closet systems so they work exactly how you need them to.

Instead of purchasing bulky furniture that would take up floor space, in Justine’s already small bedroom, we installed a closet system. EasyClosets makes it easy to fit a lot in! A dresser isn’t necessary with a closet system like this!

Organizing a teenage girl's closet.

Drawer Organizers

Whether you choose to use old shoe boxes or sweet drawer organizers, it’s important to give your teen the tools she needs to keep her drawers organized.

Baskets And Boxes

If drawers are in short supply, baskets and boxes are good resources to have on hand, to contain different categories of your teenager’s belongings. We like to use decorative shoe boxes we found at Michael’s.


Bookshelves are another good storage option for your teenage daughter. Justine loves to read and has a big collection of books so we purchased a small bookshelf, to contain her collection.


Although many nightstands are purely decorative, in small spaces, every square foot counts so be sure to purchase a nightstand that can double as storage space.

How Do You Declutter A Teenage Girl’s Room?

Let Your Teenager Make The Final Decision On Decluttering

The first step in decluttering a teenage girl’s room is to let your teenager take the lead. She may be one to keep everything or she might want to get rid of it all. It’s your job to point out why or why not she may need an item and let her make the final call.

Clear The Space

You may choose to work drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, or to empty the entire contents of a closet or room.

Since Justine’s closet wasn’t in bad shape, to begin with, we chose to go shelf by shelf.

Clean The Empty Space

Once a space is clear, clean that space by wiping out drawers or wiping off shelves, with a wet rag. Vacuum and wipe down baseboards.

When your space is clean, you’ll want to make sure you only put things back into that space, in an organized manner.

Sort Your Items

Now that your space is clear and clean, it’s time to sort the items that filled that space, by category.

Decide What You Want This Space To Hold

This is the time to decide if the categories you’ve removed from this space are what you actually want this space to hold. Set aside items or categories that no longer work in this space.

Determine What Supplies You May Need

The fun starts here! What supplies could you use to make this space work better for you? If you’re clearing drawers or shelves you are working on, you may decide to purchase drawer organizers, baskets, or boxes to contain your daughter’s items. You may also choose to use old shoe boxes to organize permanently or just until you can purchase the drawer organizers and baskets you want.

Decide What Items Are Worthy Of This Space

Use your supplies to organize the things your daughter wants to put back into her cleared space. Things that didn’t make the cut should find their way to a garage sale box or the space where they should be stored.

For us, this process looks like this: before anything goes back into a cleared space, I hold each item up one by one and ask if it’s a keep or garage sale item. Garage sale items go in a bag and keeps get organized, back in the closet.

Decluttering a teenage girl's room.

Fill Your Space

Place your daughter’s items back in their space, in a way that makes sense. Things that are used often should be placed toward the front or on top while things that are used less should be placed in the back or on the bottom.

The right side of Justine’s closet holds most of her foldable clothes.  There is an underwear/sock drawer and a pajama drawer. Everything else is folded on shelves. Swimsuits are in one of the boxes on the bottom shelf.

The left side of Justine’s closet has the easiest access for hanging clothes and shelves hold all of her other stuff. She has a miscellaneous basket, a basket for office/art supplies, one for spirit clothes, and another for collectibles.

The top shelf of the closet holds her suitcase and memory boxes.


Make labels for each of your teen’s categories so she knows where the home for each item is. We labeled Justine’s drawers and shelves a long time ago and probably don’t need the labels so much anymore but they are useful when my husband puts clothes away.

We’ve learned how to pack a lot in Justine’s closet and make her room super comfortable for her, with the things she loves.

Resources To Help You Organize And Decorate Your Teenage Daughter’s Bedroom

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  1. That’s a super-cute room! I’ll be showing this to my daughter in hopes some of the organization tips will sink in.

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