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When we moved into our new house close to two years ago, we had a sleepover Birthday Party for my teenage son the same weekend we moved in. Are we nuts? We got the keys late Friday, moved in Saturday, and partied Sunday and Monday. (It was a Holiday weekend.) With so much happening that [...]

Have you ever wondered if you could make your own wood stain? Do you love to build or are a wood worker wanna be? Are house projects calling your name? I learned how to Make Wood Stain and I think you’ll love the results! How To Make Wood Stain I built a mirror frame and decided [...]

Our fence bit the dust. Yep! The wind kicks up pretty good here and one line of fence became a wavy mess held up by crutches and sticks. Ha! Quite the scene I’m sure! One section fell off completely which left our fluff ball, TeddiBear, access to the big big world or at least the [...]

How many times have you set off the alarm when Fido wants out first thing in the morning? You jump, your heart races, and you scramble to the keypad to push in your code. The entire household is now awake. You need a reminder the alarm is on. On the bright side, you’re now WIDE [...]

A guest steps just inside your door, looks at your bare feet, and asks if they should take their shoes off. Awkward! If you say yes, you feel aggressive and demanding but you also don’t enjoy cleaning your floors. So, how do you get people to take their shoes off at the door without feeling [...]

Since we moved into our new (to us) home, our Saturdays have been spent on projects. I make a Honey Do’s list of what needs to be accomplished, Blake goes over the list, comes up with a plan on how to tackle it, and we get to work. Blake and I work together like peanut [...]

The hardest part of vacations are leaving our pets at home. Am I right? It’s seriously worse than finding a babysitter! Not only are you leaving your pets behind but you have to figure out the best possible situation for them. Do you board your pets, take them to a friend or relative’s home, or [...]

Are you heading out of town and wondering what type of information you should leave for the house sitter? We have you covered with the House Sitter Printable! Sure, you can do a walk through with your house sitter and let them take their own notes OR you could print the House Sitter Information Printable [...]

Do you have sticky notes with passwords haphazardly scrawled here and there or do you rely on your memory to get you past the pearly password gates? Get those passwords organized with the Password Keeper Printable! The Little Black Book we’ve used to store our passwords for the last 10 years is just not cutting it anymore. [...]

You’ve decided to take the plunge into the gardening world and grow your own fruits and vegetables! But what should you grow? You visit a garden center and contemplate picking up starts that look healthy and that everyone else seems to be picking up. Then, you take pause and decide to give it a little [...]

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