Daily To Do List Printables

Whether you schedule your life online or in a massive planner, Daily To Do List Printables are an excellent resource to help you get stuff done!

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and felt like you accomplished NOTHING?

You lay in bed with thoughts of all the things you should have done and resolve to do better tomorrow. Am I right?

To Do Lists

Our family uses an online calendar and can easily schedule appointments and activities right from our phones. It works well for us!

For daily tasks, I always feel more productive when I have a list in hand! It gives me a chance to clear my mind of all the things that need to be accomplished and focus on them, one at a time.

The trick is to find a To Do List that works the way you do!

Below you will find five different styles of To Do Lists … there’s bound to be one that works just the way you need it to!

To Do Today With Lines

Does it bring you joy to cross something off your to do list?

This is the printable for you!

Write your to do’s on the lines and cross them off as you complete your tasks.

There’s something satisfying about drawing a line through a completed task.

To Do Today With Checkboxes

Perhaps you’re a checkmark type of person?

This To Do Today printable with Checkboxes gives you the perfect space to make your beautiful checkmarks as you complete your tasks!

To Do Today With Times

Time blocking is an excellent way to stay on task throughout your day.

Take time each evening to time-block your tasks for the next day.

I have to admit, I have a hard time with this one because I always want to finish a project, even if the time is up, but it could be a way to help us stay on task if we know we have a certain amount of time to complete a task.

I may need to try this method again!

To Do Today With Boxes

This To Do Today Printable makes my heart happy! It’s a little more free flowing yet it guides you in the areas you need to think about. Plus, you can cross stuff off as you complete it. Sweet!

To Do Today For Teenagers

My son has been frustrated because he has realized that he is wasting his days away. He has goals but gets sidetracked and then discouraged when he hasn’t worked toward his goals.

I created this printable with teenagers in mind!

Teens need to realize, even with the to-do’s of home and school, it’s healthy to incorporate time for friends, to take care of their health, and work on goals for their future!

My son was happy I created this printable! I’m happy I could provide a tool to help him manage his days. It’s up to him to use it!

5 To Do List Printables

There’s likely a To Do List that works best for you!

  • Lines
  • Checkboxes
  • Time Blocks
  • Free Flowing
  • Guided For Teens

Choose the right printable for you or … try a few!

With a list in hand, perhaps you’ll discover you haven’t frittered your day away after all. Nope! You’ve got the To Do List with massive lines through it to prove it!

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