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What Do College Students Want In A Care Package?

Your kid has left for college and you want to put together a fun box to send but how do you know what to put in a college care package? The best college care packages have a good mix of practical items that will get used along with festive and maybe even silly things that will put a smile on your student’s face!

College students enjoy receiving care packages but the benefits of care packages don’t stop there.

When we took my daughter to live on her college campus, a few years ago, I cried half the way of the three hour drive home. Right away, I started gathering things to put in a care package for her. I couldn’t fathom going to the grocery store and not buying any of her favorite snacks so we bought them to send! Somehow, putting together a care package took a bit of the sad away.

Over the years, I’ve gone from learning how to send a care package to a college student to becoming a bit of a pro at sending custom care packages for college students! I also learned how to put together a college care package for guys when my son started college, online, in our basement. Even though he was home, he still appreciated the packages and I learned to purchase the things he would really like!

Best College Care Package Ideas


College kids want snacks and food they can eat but don’t have to pay for! Food that’s simple to make and eat.

We hope that our kids will eat good, nutritious food, while on campus but it’s nice to know they have some good fallbacks for when they don’t want to leave their dorm.

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Self Care Items

Things they can use and actually are needed. Your student will appreciate that they don’t have to find a store and spend their own money on self care items.

  • Hand Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Laundry Detergent

Something To Wear

Something new to wear is always nice and a great addition to any care package!


Something to do when they need a break from schoolwork or are just hanging out with friends. Downtime from homework is a necessity and you can provide the tools to help them relax!

Seasonal Items

Whether it’s decor, snacks, or clothing, something with a seasonal flair to help your student celebrate is always a great idea!

Christmas Party In a Box

Silly Trinkets

Fun items that are festive and they won’t feel guilty about throwing away once the novelty has worn off.

  • Dollar Tree Items
  • Inexpensive Trinkets and Toys

A Note From Home

Letters through snail mail have given way to texts and phone calls but your college kid will appreciate a little handwritten note or a picture or two that’s been added to their care package!

College Care Package Ideas

You may find that some of the silly little things you incorporated into college care packages end up under their bed or in the trash. That’s okay! They did their job of letting your student know they are thought about and loved! That, after all, is the point of sending the best college care packages!

Each time my daughter came home to visit, the goodbyes got a little less painful but I continue to work on sending the best college care packages to both her and my son!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.