$25 Dirty Santa Gift Ideas

You’ve been invited to a $25 Dirty Santa Gift Exchange party and you want to take the BEST gift! The gift everyone fights for. The gift someone leaves completely satisfied with!

Dirty Santa gifts are typically something fun, new, unique, and in good taste. A gift the recipient will want and use.

Check out our $25 Dirty Santa Gift Ideas and party on!

$25 Dirty Santa Gift Ideas that are so fun, new, unique, and in good taste, you'll want to steal your own gift to take home!

$25 Dirty Santa Gift Ideas

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Letter Board

Remember these from yesteryear? They are back and they are in style! You will certainly be the Dirty Santa Queen or King with a gift this good!Light Box

Put your message in LIGHTS! Like the Letter Board, this Light Box will bring nostalgia to the recipient!

Hydro Flask

This isn’t your ordinary water bottle. My 17-year-old wanted one for school this year. My husband keeps taking it because he likes his water cold. No joke! This thing still has ice in it after a long day!

The Magnolia Journal

How about a subscription to The Magnolia Journal? Say WHAT? Chip and Joanna in the mailbox 4 times a year? That’s certain to be a winner!

Identity Protection Roller

Check this out!

Use this wide Identity Protection Roller to ink out your address on envelopes, magazines, etc. before it hits the recycle bin.

What a great idea!

Identity Protection Roller

Squatty Potty
Squatty Potty® is a carefully designed toilet stool that puts you in exactly the correct position for fast, easy elimination.

You will love this thing!

Hey! Don’t knock it until you try it. It’s funny AND useful. Really!

Poo Plunger

The Emoji Poo Plunger always looks happy to do the job. The extended suction cup fits securely on all types of drains, minimizing your effort.

I think we’ve found a winner!

Poo Plunger

Oil Diffuser

There’s gotta be a hippie in the crowd who would LOVE an oil diffuser. We all have a little bit of hippie in us, right?

Sherpa Throw Blanket

We are all suckers for a soft blanket! I’ve noticed soft blankets are quite the hit at Dirty Santa Gift Exchange parties!

Are you inspired?

Do you want one of each for yourself?

I bet your $25 Dirty Santa gift idea will be so good you’ll want to steal it yourself!

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$25 Dirty Santa Gift Ideas that are so good, you'll want to steal your own gift!
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