Turkey Coloring Activity

It’s time to infuse your Thanksgiving week with a burst of creativity and color. This festive turkey coloring activity brings together the timeless joy of coloring and the spirit of Thanksgiving. Transform simple card stock, color crayons, and a sprinkle of imagination into a personalized masterpiece.

Paper turkey with colorful feathers colored with crayons.


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Paper turkey template.

How To Use The Turkey Coloring Activity

  1. Print the turkey and feathers on card stock.
  2. Color the turkey and feathers.
  3. Cut out the turkey and feathers.
  4. Attach the feathers to the turkey using a glue stick or a tape runner.
  5. Put the turkey on display for everyone to see!

Personalize your turkey by adding googly eyes, writing things you’re thankful for on the feathers, or use color patterns you love. The possibilities are endless!

Colored paper turkey and feathers.

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Preschooler holding a paper turkey she colored and cut.
Paper turkey that's been colored.
Pre-schooler coloring a turkey.
Little boy coloring a turkey.
Paper Turkey colored by a two year old.
Little boy holding a paper turkey he colored.

Get Your Turkey Printables Here

As the last feather finds its place on your vibrantly colored turkey, let your creativity soar as high as the gratitude that fills your heart. May your Thanksgiving be adorned not only with festive decorations but also with the laughter and shared moments that come from crafting together.


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