Track Your Thyroid Labs Free Printable

Are you faced with thyroid issues and depending on your doctor to keep track of your lab work? It’s time to take the butterfly by its wings and discover right where you stand with THIS awesome Thyroid Labs Free Printable! It’s an excellent addition to your Medical Binder!

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, lab work became the norm. Every time I had lab work done, I would flip through old labs to see how I had progressed. Unfortunately, my system was cumbersome and lacked organization. I needed to see, at a glance, where I started and the up and downs along the way.

That’s when I created my very own Thyroid Trends chart. It wasn’t as pretty as this one. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t pretty at all but it got the job done.

Eventually, I started creating Medical Binder Printables to share with you, our readers, and now have quite the collection!

Welcome Thyroid Trends!
Thyroid Labs Free Printable

Thyroid Labs Free Printable

The Thyroid Trends Printable is designed to provide you with your thyroid lab results at a glance. No more digging through old lab results and attempting to get them in date order.

Benefits of Using the Thyroid Labs Free Printable

  • See your thyroid lab results in one spot!
  • The reference range lets you know at a glance if you are on target.
  • Helps you track when lab work was done.
  • Lists most labs done when tracking your thyroid, although not all will be done every time.
  • Provides a spot to list the medication you are on.
  • Provides a place to list your medication dose.
  • Fits nicely in your Medical Binder!

Oh, this is good! Take it from someone who’s in the trenches with you.

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How to Use the Thyroid Labs Free Printable

  • List the reference ranges from your lab work.
  • Each time you receive lab work, write in the results and the medication and dosage you are on.
  • Use a different color or circle labs that are out of reference range.
  • Take this Thyroid Trends Printable (in your Medical Binder) with you to every appointment.
  • Pay attention to the results!

What a super easy way to track where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you plan to go! Now, if that doesn’t give you some great feedback, well, I don’t know what will!

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  • kay ~ the barefoot minimalist Aug 24, 2016, 4:58 pm

    You sure do know how to turn just about anything into a party Jayleen! I love your spirit! You are in my prayers. I wish you great prosperity in every area of your life always. 🙂

  • Sunshine and Rainy Days Aug 24, 2016, 6:50 pm

    Lol! We might as well make it ALL fun, right? At least as fun as possible! Thank you for your prayers and blessing! It is happily, joyfully, and gratefully received!

  • Sharyn Guarino Feb 12, 2018, 3:55 am

    Absoutley wonderful! Hashimotos is so hard to live with…trying to always guess if it’s your thyroid level that is off or something else s wrong. Thank you for creating such a useful binder. I’ve been making spreadsheets on and off for years for taking charge of my health. But the binder you created is perfect, I bought it and though I haven’t used it yet I have no doubt it will be perfect!

  • Sunshine and Rainy Days Feb 12, 2018, 4:25 pm

    Hi Sharyn! I can totally relate on wondering if it’s your thyroid or something else. I’m so happy to hear you like our Medical Binder! Thank you for sharing!