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The Stuff To Save Money For Printable saves the day!

When we moved into our new (to us) home, the project list was endless. There was so much to do and we wanted to get it all done right away.

We want it ALL. We want it NOW!

We live in an instant gratification society where information is at our fingertips and projects, wants, and desires, are a click or phone call away.

Unfortunately, our bank accounts don’t instantly cover the desires of our hearts.

Wouldn’t THAT be nice!

Someone putting a coin in a piggy bank with the words: Stuff To Save Money For.

Stuff To Save Money For

What if we took a mental shift and SAVED for the things we dream of? It’s a concept that has long been forgotten.

What if we closed the open tab in our brain that is keeping a running list of all the stuff we want? You know, the one that keeps you awake at night.

Enter the Stuff To Save Money For Printable!

Get Your Stuff To Save Money For Printable In The Budget Binder!

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Click the button above for your very own Stuff To Save For PDF and close that obnoxious mental tab.

Experience FREEDOM from the mental list of needs and wants by writing it down! Revisit it from time to time and, I bet you’ll discover some of that STUFF isn’t really important to you, after all. Yet, other stuff will have been bought or accomplished!

We are still working on making our house a home but we realize it’s okay to go slow! It’s okay if every room isn’t fully furnished. The gold bathroom fixtures function just fine. We have a Stuff To Save Money For list! Some stuff has been checked off, others can wait (I’m looking at you, shag carpet). The pressure is off!

When we keep that mental tab open, it feels as though nothing is ever accomplished. Put it on paper and you’ll realize how far you’ve come! That’s enough to give you HOPE!

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