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Why You Should Give Your Kids An Allowance

So, here I am, a stay at home mom. I’m 48 and I do chores to earn money.

My husband set it up this way because, in the real world, you don’t get money just for fun. You have to work for it.

It looks something like this:

Make a meal $3

Do dishes $2

One load of laundry (folded and put away) $2

Clean upstairs floors $3

Vacuum downstairs $2

Clean one bathroom $4

Dust $1

Make Bed .50

Take out garbage $1

Take kids to music lessons $2

You get the idea!

At the end of each day, my husband tallies up everything I’ve done.

It’s kind of great because then he knows what I do each day too!

Every Friday he makes sure he has the right denominations so he can pay me for my hard work!

Oh. My. Goodness.

Can you imagine?

That was all made up, by the way, if you didn’t catch on.

Girl holding a piggy bank with the words: Why You Should Give Your Kids An Allowance

Why You Should Give Your Kids An Allowance

The biggest opposition to an allowance I hear is: in the real world, you have to work for money.

This is true!

In the real world, you don’t get paid to do chores around the house either.

Wouldn’t THAT be nice. I could be rich with the payment plan I outlined above!

I am a big proponent of Allowance for these reasons:

To Simplify Your Family Spending Plan

With a fair allowance amount in place, you will no longer concern yourself with costs that pop up throughout the month. You have a plan!

Each family member uses their allowance to take care of their own monthly expenses. Haircuts, gas, clothing, going out, gifts, or even church camp.

To SAVE Money

Wait! Giving Allowance SAVES Money? You Bet!

You’re no longer the money tree. Your kids now have their own money and the confines of their own budget.

Guilt melts away. You no longer feel bad when you tell Johnny no because Johnny has the ability to make his own money decisions!

To Give Your Kids Freedom

My son may choose to grow a man bun instead of paying for monthly haircuts and that’s okay!

Our daughter may want to attend church camp and she has money to make it happen!

We all make choices and our spending habits reflect those choices.

To Teach Your Kids How To Budget

If the teenagers spend every last penny as soon as they get it, they know they may have to miss out on a Birthday party or event later in the month for lack of funds.

This can be so hard to watch and it would be easy to bail our kids out but stand strong!

These are lessons we want our kids to have when the consequences are small.

To Make Your Life Easier

When your kids have their own money to budget, that means they are empowered to spend how they choose.

They don’t look to you when they find something at the store they have to have. NOPE! You’re off limits!

So They Don’t Expect Money For Chores

Ack! We tried the pay for work method for a very short time. I would come up with a fancy dancy system and they would decide they didn’t need money and weren’t interested. When they did do chores, I had to make sure I had the right denominations to hand out. Pain in the rear!

You Guys! My kids do chores! They don’t even complain. It’s just what we do.

I’m so happy I don’t have an open palm in front of me every time I ask the kids to  do something. That would drive me bonkers!


It’s the best thing we have ever done!

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